May 20, 2020

Although you are most likely familiar with the types of HVAC systems currently available, you may be unaware that a new type of thermostat exists. Your thermostat accesses your system to ensure the temperature you have set is maintained. At The Cooling Company, the majority of smart thermostats we’ve seen in Las Vegas need additional electric power. This means you are unable to use regular batteries.

Smart thermostats do not require enough power where an electrical outlet is necessary. These thermostats can be powered by your system. Or you can use a dedicated C wire.

In some instances, an R power wire is necessary. We do not recommend using this type of wire because it may cause permanent damage to your unit. If you do not have a C wire, we can easily install one for you.

You may already have a C wire in your wall that has not been connected. Our issue with a typical thermostat is you do not receive the benefits of a smart model.

A smart thermostat can adapt automatically to your daily routine. This means the device can learn when you are home and away. With this technology, you won’t need to constantly change the temperature on your thermostat.

The result is a lot more control over the temperature in your house. There are three main smart thermostat types: motion sensors, geofencing, and learning algorithms. Each thermostat offers different features, such as integration with your Wi-Fi and mobile apps. There are even sensors available that can determine if anyone is home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Motion Sensor Smart Thermostats

This type of smart thermostat uses sensors to detect both proximity and motion. When a person is sensed in your house, the thermostat will activate the home mode. When your residence is empty, the away mode is activated.

We have found this type of thermostat to be effective. For more accurate readings, consider installing remote sensors in the busiest areas of your home.

You’ll be able to set the temperature for both the home and away modes. This means as soon as someone comes home, your smart thermostat will heat or cool your rooms to your desired temperature. So when everyone is away, you will save money. Set the temperature higher during the summer and lower in the winter while maintaining your comfort levels.

Geofencing Smart Thermostats

This type of smart thermostat uses a GPS chip and an application to create a perimeter surrounding your home. Once you have exited this perimeter, you will no longer require the same level of cooling or heating. You can set your thermostat to adjust your temperature to eliminate using unnecessary energy.

When you arrive back home, you will enter the perimeter. Your system will turn on to ensure you are comfortable.

This smart thermostat is compatible with the majority of central HVAC units. If you are using a different type of system such as radiant or baseboard, you need to make certain your thermostat is compatible with your unit. And you also have the remote access option. If you choose this feature, you can adjust the temperature in your house remotely. So you can do this from a smartphone or even office computer.

Some geofencing models use your phone to determine if you are home. You can set your preferred range. If you choose 500 feet, once you leave this range, your thermostat will automatically revert to away mode.

When you are in range, the device operates using home mode. The idea is to ensure your property is always at your ideal temperature. If you do not carry your phone with you, this feature is not ideal.

If you work close to your house, we recommend setting your preferred range higher. A good example is if you work one mile from home. You need to set your smart thermostat for two miles to prevent you from accidentally triggering the home mode while you are still at work.

Learning Algorithms Smart Thermostat

Some smart thermostats use algorithm-based learning. This is similar to a programmable thermostat because you can set specific temperatures according to your schedule. The difference is that your smart thermostat has the capability of adapting to your schedule. Within a short period of time, your thermostat will know when you leave and return home. And in effect, it will change its patterns automatically.

This type of thermostat is available with an auto-away feature. The thermostat has a wide range of both light and motion sensors. Let’s say you’re remaining home unexpectedly and the light or motion sensors are not crossed. Your thermostat will default to away mode to save energy. When your patterns change, the thermostat will learn your new routine to make the proper adjustments.

If you are home because you are ill, you may be remaining in bed. In this instance, you will not be crossing any of the sensors.

All that is necessary is making a manual adjustment to reach your preferred temperature. You can do this using your phone or through your thermostat. This will let your smart thermostat know you are inside the house.

Installing a Smart Thermostat

Unless you have training in this area, we recommend professional installation. The placement and wiring of your thermostat are critical for correct performance. If your smart thermostat is not working, your HVAC system will be unable to function.

You also need to consider the C wire. This wire ensures your thermostat is receiving constant power. If you make the slightest mistake, some features may not function properly.

We have seen a lot of customers who heard about a way to work around the C wire on the internet. Unfortunately, this often results in damage to your HVAC system. In some instances, this damage was extensive.

One of the most commonly used and most dangerous methods is called power stealing. We strongly recommend against using this method because the chances are good that you will damage your unit.

The last thing we want is to tell anyone the damage to their unit is irreparable. Saving a few dollars is not worth risking replacing your entire HVAC system or paying for costly repairs. You already know just how hot it gets during the summer months.

The heat often begins before the summer, lasting well into the fall. Even if you are without air conditioning for a short period of time, the increasing temperature in your home will be far from comfortable.

Experienced Professionals

All the HVAC technicians at The Cooling Company are experienced, efficient, and extremely well-trained. You can trust us to help you find which smart thermostat will work best with your HVAC system. If we need to do any wiring, you can rest assured that our technicians will perform the process safely and correctly.

In addition to installing smart thermostats, we offer many additional services. Our services cover both residential and commercial customers. This includes HVAC maintenance, installation, and repair, along with ductwork replacement. Call us today to learn about the savings, efficiency, and convenience of a smart thermostat.

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