HVAC Maintenance Checklist: What Should Be Included in Your Service?

Routine maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your HVAC system, including preserving the operational efficiency of essential parts such as the blower, motor, and condenser. While many homeowners opt to skip the annual tune-up, doing so puts the system at risk of decreased performance, lower energy efficiency, and higher energy bills. […]

Commercial HVAC Maintenance: 5 Tips for Summer-Ready Systems

Businesses and offices in Las Vegas experience brisk activity in the summer due to the huge influx of vacationers. However, sweltering temperatures can put a damper on commercial activities. If you’re running a store, office, or commercial facility, you may want to make sure that your HVAC system, inclusive of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning […]

Commercial AC Unit Cost: Estimating the Investment for Air Conditioning

A broken AC, especially in the context of a professional HVAC system, can be expensive to replace. Buildings, regardless of their space capacity, rely heavily on optimal maintenance of these systems for adequate ventilation. There’s a lot that goes into the final AC unit cost, like installation and repair costs, purchase of necessary components, and […]

AC System Optimization: 8 Tips for Peak Performance

Cooling and heating your home, thanks to the function of components such as the condenser, accounts for the highest percentage of your residential energy usage. Any reduction in energy usage, including ensuring proper insulation, will result in fewer costs on your utility bills and more money in your pocket. By being proactive and thinking purposefully […]

Smart Thermostat Types: A Comprehensive Overview

Although you are most likely familiar with the types of HVAC systems currently available, you may be unaware of the energy usage-efficient, new advanced touchscreen thermostats now on offer, such as Amazon Smart thermostat or ecobee, that manufacturers have designed with home health and safety in mind. These smart thermostats, by using wifi connectivity, connect […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality: Tips for a Healthy Home

With the magnificent magnolias spreading their pollen in spring now in full bloom and the weather gradually warming, it’s time to start thinking about the brutally hot summer ahead. As the humidity levels start to rise, you may hesitate leaving the cool comfort of your homes, particularly as the air might be filled with various floating particles, […]

Identifying & Avoiding AC Repair Scams

Homeowners and tenants alike rely on air conditioners, which are maintained by repair technicians, the ones they can identify as reliable and trustworthy experts in their field, to keep them comfortable during hot weather. However, comfort isn’t the only thing that is worrisome about the temperature reaching distressing levels. Many have concerns about their health […]

AC Efficiency: Everyday Factors to Watch Out For

The intense heat in Las Vegas, NV, means that your air conditioner, with its essential components such as refrigerant and condenser, runs almost every day of the year. This electronics-heavy appliance requires specific attention, especially considering the filters and insulation which contribute to its efficient functioning. If your cooling system isn’t efficient, as signaled by […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Recognizing the importance of healthy indoor air quality is an essential step for your comfort and health. Poor indoor air quality, brimming with allergens, chemicals from sources such as adhesives that may contain formaldehyde, VOCs, or even mold spores that find their residences in furniture and walls, can affect any person with allergies, asthma, or […]

Efficient Home Heating: Understanding the Best Methods

Although the winters in Las Vegas aren’t as cold as they are in other cities, that doesn’t mean there aren’t cool nights to deal with. When those cool nights come, it’s important that you’re heating your home in the most efficient way possible so you aren’t surprised by a high utility bill. Fortunately, there are […]