Does Your AC Have A Freon Leak? What To Do

freon leak

AC units can feel like life-saving devices on those hot and sunny days, but there are all sorts of issues that can arise with an AC system. A Freon leak is a common problem that many homeowners may have to face with their units, leading to a range of potential consequences. Read on to learn […]

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner: Step-by-Step Guide

how to clean air conditioner

Knowing how to clean an air conditioner is key to keeping it in good working order. AC cleaning can also help a system last longer while reducing the risk of costly problems and repairs for homeowners. This guide will cover all you need to know for cleaning an AC unit, including how to clean a […]

What is a VRF HVAC System and How Does it Work?

vrf hvac

When buying a new HVAC unit, you may see the term “VRF HVAC” appearing a lot. But what is VRF HVAC? What does the term actually mean, and what are the potential advantages or key features of a VRF HVAC system, as opposed to a standard one? This guide will cover all you need to […]

What’s The Most Efficient Heating System For Your Home

most efficient heating system

With the price of energy bills rising in many areas, and many homeowners wanting to save money and make their properties more sustainable, you might be looking to switch to a more efficient home heating system. But which is the most efficient heating system for your home? This guide will provide the answer. What Makes […]

When Is It Time for an AC Tune Up?

AC Tune Up

An AC unit can feel like a lifesaver on those hot, sunny days, keeping your whole home cool and fresh. However, even the best systems need maintenance and an AC tune up from time to time. This guide will explore what an air conditioning tune up involves and how often you should get your AC […]

What Size AC Unit Do I Need?

what size ac unit do i need

On those hot, sticky, summer days, it’s wonderful to have your own home air conditioner, ready to burst into action and cool down the house. But, in order to get the best results, you need to choose the right type and size of AC system. If you pick one that’s too small, it’ll fail to […]

The Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

ac types

Is the summer heat getting unbearable? Ever felt that sweat trickling down even when you’re inside? We know how discomforting that can be. In this age of technological advancement, we have an array of air conditioning systems designed to help you beat the heat and cater to your specific needs and preferences. Each offers unique […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

ac blowing hot air

Picture a scorching summer day; you come home expecting the relief of a cool house, only to be met with hot air blowing from your air conditioner. Many homeowners face This common yet frustrating predicament during the warm months. Factors like incorrect thermostat settings, dirty filters, or even significant issues like a damaged compressor can […]

How Long Does AC Unit Last?

how long does ac unit last

Few things are more distressing than an underperforming air conditioning unit, especially with skyrocketing energy costs. A well-maintained AC unit’s average lifespan can range from 10 to 15 years. Yet, its longevity can be influenced by many factors, such as usage frequency, environmental conditions, installation quality, and routine maintenance. Understanding these factors is the key […]