Surprisingly Ancient and Natural Air Conditioning Methods

Although we take our air conditioning for granted in current times, it wasn’t too long ago when air conditioning was considered a luxury. From the days of integrating cooling systems into the actual structure of our houses, it’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way in terms of cooling our homes efficiently. With this being said, we’re going to cover the interesting history of air conditioning and how it became such an important asset when it comes to our comfort.

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Ancient Air Conditioning Methods

In the early days prior to electricity, cooling a home went much further than simply plugging a box in to significantly drop the temperature. Many ancient homes went as far as the construction process when it came to keeping a home a cool or reasonable temperature. For example, ancient homes prevented heat by building homes within close proximity close and utilizing cool colors (in their structure) to keep the heat at bay. In territories such as the Middle East and Asia, homes utilized windcatchers, which caught wind and circulated it throughout the home to keep it cool. Windcatchers were (and still are) incredibly effective as they utilize wind energy from the outdoors to cool the interior of their home.

In addition to this, windcatchers were also known to be used in conjunction with water canals that were based underground. The hot air brought in from the windcatchers would be navigated to the cool water canals. From here, the cool water would make the warm air cold before it traveled throughout the home. This procedure is much like today’s solar chimney, which is well known for capturing cool air and releasing the warm air through the windcatcher.

Natural Air Conditioning Methods

Natural air conditioning methods are commonly seen in homes built today. For example, a tree is planted to create shade is an excellent (and natural) way to prevent the sun from beating down on a home. Other methods such as tiny windows above doorways called transoms have also been considered natural ways to prevent hot air from circulating within a home.

One of the more interesting aspects regarding current cooling methods is that many of them derived from cooling methods of the past. Although many don’t go as far as integrating windcatchers or underground water canals into their cooling processes, many homes still utilize trees and bushes to prevent any instances of sunlight hitting a home. Indoor plants can also have a cooling effect.

So in consideration of the information above, air conditioning has come a long way since its early inception. You shouldn’t be resorting to these methods, though, when your air conditioner dies.

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