June 9, 2016

There’s a significant amount of energy and cost savings when you switch from an inefficient, worn-out heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system to a new energy-efficient model. Sometimes, though, it just doesn’t quite hit you until you see it with your own eyes. With the HVAC Energy Efficiency Calculator, seeing is believing.

How the HVAC Energy Efficiency Calculator Works

This handy calculator lets you compare your old HVAC unit with a new, energy-efficient model. Just enter information such as the tons of both units (i.e. their cooling capacity), each of their SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) numbers as well as some information from your electric bill. The calculator will show you the cost of operation of your old unit, the cost of operation of a new unit, and your overall annual savings if you upgrade. A big bonus is that it also shows you how the new system will help you make your environmental footprint smaller.

Seeing the two resulting numbers side-by-side is a great way to understand exactly how much your old system is costing you. Some people with much older systems may be shocked at the difference a new HVAC system can make on their energy bill and impact on the planet.

The Calculator in Action

Let’s say you have an old HVAC system that’s a 1-ton unit. This simply means that the system’s cooling capacity is 12,000 BTU/hour and can, in effect, melt 1 ton of ice in 24 hours. Let’s say the old system has a standard minimum SEER of 8. On the other hand, imagine that your potential new HVAC system has the same capacity (1 ton), but it has a SEER rating of 16.

If we enter these numbers into the calculator, it tells us that the operating cost per year for the old unit is approximately $292.55. Meanwhile, the operating cost for the new unit is estimated at $146.27. This equals a total estimated savings per year of $146.28. Over five years, this adds up to almost a thousand dollars in savings.

Environmental Benefits

The calculator also tells us how our impact on the planet will be lessened with a new HVAC system. For instance, in the above scenario, installing a new energy-efficient system is equal to planting 23 trees or preserving .007 acres of forest from conversion to cropland. It’s equivalent to removing 2,047 pounds of polluting CO2 from the air. These sample scenarios give us just a small idea of how our environmental impact can decrease based on a relatively simple choice like upgrading our heating and cooling systems.

Upgrade and Start Saving

The HVAC Energy Efficient Calculator is a great way to help you understand the positive benefits from upgrading to a new, energy-efficient HVAC system. To see what your own savings and lessened environmental impact might be, visit The Cooling Company and try out the calculator today.

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