September 18, 2015

When the weather is unbearably hot outside, you can’t wait to get home and feel the comfort of your air conditioner. At such a moment, the last thing you need is an unforeseen system breakdown. While some air conditioning problems can be unprecedented, some problems can be detected while they are still minor. Waiting for them to get bigger will only make the situation tougher. There are a lot of problems that require immediate fixing, some things just can’t wait.

Signs that indicate serious air conditioning problems that should be fixed immediately

Some air conditioning problems are not as minor as they seem. Most of them indicate a serious mechanical or electrical issue that should be corrected without delay. The list below represents some issues that our experts feel they should be checked on immediately. However, please note that some of these problems can are potentially dangerous and are an imperfect way to start practicing DIY projects.

Leaks and low refrigerant levels

One of the common A/C problems has to do with refrigerant leaks. By itself, the refrigerant is potentially hazardous especially to the health of the occupants. Besides the harm it can cause to the human body, leaks increase energy costs and develop an electrical peril. If the leak is not sealed, it can cause permanent breakdown of your appliance.

Weird smells

Apart from the first few minutes when you are starting your A/C at the beginning of the season, your air conditioner is not supposed to give off weird smells. A musty smell could indicate the presence of either dirty components or mold. If the smell is accompanied by melting, burning or ozone, stop using it and call an expert immediately. This may indicate burnt wiring or a similar electrical problem. These may be dangerous and require emergency fixing.

Frozen coils

It is common to experience ice build-up in your A/C’s coils. It could be an indication that there is a problem with the compressor. Get an expert to handle the issue immediately.

Tripping breakers

If your A/C is kicking or knocking the beakers out, the chances are high that you have a substantial electrical problem that needs immediate repairing. Electrical issues are delicate and must be handled as such. Ignoring them could lead to hazards such as a fire.

Low airflow

Your conditioner may be blowing cold air, but not enough of it. This could indicate a significant problem that should not be avoided. Therefore, one ought to be careful to note such problems and have them taken care of in time.

Loud clanking

While it is in operation, it is quite usual for an air conditioner to make some sound. However, if you hear something that sounds like cast iron and concrete, you have a problem. The noise could be as a result of a loose component or a bent fan blade in the system. You should not allow the system to run no matter what. The part is likely to burst something inside the system, and this could cost you more.

Don’t keep any air conditioning problems unattended

Air conditioning problems should be sorted fast so that you can continue enjoying your comfort. Assuming things may seem like the easier way out but it is not. If your air conditioner is having issues, let it be handled by a professional right away. Contact us and our team of experts will answer your call promptly.

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