October 18, 2016

Whether you are constructing a new home or you need to invest in heating replacement in Las Vegas in Las Vegas, choosing the one can be an overwhelming task. In order to balance upfront cost with long-term savings, it’s important to know your budget and what you want your expenses to look like in order to choose the best home heating system for your situation.

Picking Out a Heating System for Your Las Vegas Home

This is one of the expensive purchases you’ll ever make, so be thorough when going through the HVAC selection process. Your system is key to the temperature control and comfort for your home, which is a big consideration in the hot desert city of Las Vegas. Here are 5 vital steps to getting the best HVAC system:

1. Research your home well

Before going out to look for an heating and cooling unit, first research your home to know its vital specifications. This will help you determine your exact needs. Home heating options can vary greatly between two-story homes, smaller residences, older constructions with poor ductwork, etc.

If you do not where to begin on this, take a look at what energy systems are utilized in your neighborhood to determine what your neighbors with similar houses might use. Also measure each room to have a rough idea of their volume as this helps determine how powerful your system needs to be. If your home is old, have it inspected for mold or dirt which could hinder the efficiency of the new system once installed.

2. Determine a budget to help in choosing the right heater

At the end of it all, your budget is what will determine the heater type or model you get for your Las Vegas home. Have a rough idea of how much you are prepared to pay before you set out to scout for different heating and AC units. And while at it, consider that buying an expensive but more efficient system is likely to save you more in the long-term than buying a cheaper and less efficient system.

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3. Choose quality and energy efficiency

When setting out to get the heater, consider the two most important factors: quality and energy efficiency. A cooling and heating system is a big investment that needs to give you years of service, so quality is key. There are reputable brands in the market even though you may pay a higher price for them. The good thing is that they deliver significant energy savings on your energy bill. Here at The Cooling Company, we’re a Lennox recommended dealer, and we stand by the quality of their products in particular.

During shopping, you will find different types of ratings on separate systems. However, you need to know about the following 3 types of ratings:

  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF)
  • Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
4. Consult professionals to help you choose the right brand

When it’s time to buy your central heating and air conditioning unit, it’s always advisable that you consult a professional to help you settle on the right brand, size, and dealer for your HVAC system. An unbiased contractor will give you home heating systems comparison information for brands that have proven reliable for the Las Vegas climate. Better still, you can ask for recommendations from relatives, colleagues, and neighbors. They are likely to give you the pros and cons of the various units they use in their homes so that you can evaluate and determine each to find the most reliable one for you.

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5. Choose the right contractor

Even the best equipment, when installed by an unqualified or inexperienced contractor, can fail to perform at optimum or cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs in the long-run. Select a reputable contractor to handle your system. If possible, go to a dealer that also performs installation work and guarantees the quality of their work.

Our HVAC Contractors in Las Vegas Know Home Heating Systems

If you want more detailed information about choosing the perfect HVAC system for your home in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to call The Cooling Company at (702) 567-0707 or use their online energy efficiency calculator to help you determine the best heating system for your home.

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