Vacation Safety Tips From The Cooling Company

Going on vacation should be an exciting time for your family. You would hate to come home and find that somebody has broken into your home, your dog has not been fed or your electronics have overheated. Here are a few tips that will keep your home safe while you are on vacation:

1) Leave your air conditioner on a timer. Setting it on a higher temperature than usual will ensure that your belongings aren’t adversely affected by increasing temperatures, especially in the summer months. You might even find that your thermostat has a special vacation setting on it.

2) Put all your mail on hold with the post office, or make arrangements for somebody to pick it up each day. If a potential burglar notices mail piling up, this is a sign that robbing your home is a safe idea. This one might seem like a no brainer, but people are affected by it each day.

3) Lock your doors and windows, securing them tightly before you leave. So you don’t have that uncertain pit in your stomach once miles away… always do a final once over just before walking out the door.

4) Get a neighbor you trust to keep an eye on your house, picking up newspapers and watering the lawn for you. This is another great deterrent to thieves who might want to break in. Always avoiding the appearance of abandonment.

5) Keep those vacation plans to yourself, or at least to a small group of people you trust. This includes keeping your plans out of public arenas like Social Media.

Unfortunately, one of the best deterrents to burglars is leaving a light on in the house. Also, having your cooling or heating unit on, depending on the time of year, gives the impression that someone may be in the home. You can save money by putting one of your living room lamps on a timer to turn on only at night. These simple tips may use a small amount of energy… but it’s a lot less than replacing your valuables after an invasion.

Your home deserves the best care, especially if you are leaving and want to keep it safe while you are away. Contact The Cooling Company if you are having any problems with or need basic maintenance on your HVAC system, especially if you are planning to go on vacation and want to benefit from the tips listed above. Remember… you always want your home to have some appearance of being occupied.