Efficient Home Heating: Proven Tips to Minimize Heat Loss

As we’re experiencing exceptionally cold weather in Las Vegas, and it’s getting even colder, you’re probably looking for ways to optimize your home’s heating capabilities and save money on your energy bills. A few simple tricks such as adjusting your programmable thermostat for efficient temperature control, adding rugs to your floors for added insulation, and installing blinds or curtains to limit heat loss through your windows, will keep you more comfortable through the winter and put less strain on your heating system. Furthermore, if you have a fireplace, closing its damper when not in use can prevent hot air from escaping up the chimney. A couple of simple tips you can use to keep the heat inside this winter without spiking your utility bill.

Seal Doors and Windows

One major source of heat loss in any home is typically the doors and windows. Check around the windows and make sure they close tightly and the weatherstripping is in good condition. Cracked and worn seals will bleed lots of valuable heat into the outdoors. The same goes for the doors – they make a tight seal against the weatherstripping. You may also need to add caulking around windows or use it to seal gaps around pipes to prevent drafts. Also, look for gaps underneath the door. If you can see outside or feel a draft, you may consider adding a door sweep or repairing the threshold to help keep the cold out.

Make Sure Your Vents are Clear

Another area to check is your air vents. Clean dust and debris out of registers to make sure the air is flowing optimally. Obstructions inhibit airflow and make your furnace work harder to force out the same amount of heat. Consider using ceiling fans to circulate the warm air, making your heating system more efficient. Avoid placing furniture on top of air vents. It might look nice but it’s just as bad as a clogged duct. If you have ducts running through cold areas of your home like an attic, basement or crawlspace, wrap them with insulation to prevent heat loss.

Maintain Your Heating System

Make sure to do regular maintenance on your furnace or heat pump. Even things like keeping the water in your heating tank hot can be aided by a well-maintained heating system. Simple fixes like keeping the filter changed will help it run more cost-effectively. You may even consider having a professional give it a tune-up to ensure it is running at peak efficiency.

If you are looking for even more ways to save on winter heating bills without sacrificing comfort, give the professionals a call. We are happy to assist with all of your heating and cooling needs. We can be reached at (702) 567-0707.