A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Recognizing the importance of healthy indoor air quality is an essential step for your comfort and health. Poor indoor air quality, brimming with allergens, chemicals from sources such as adhesives that may contain formaldehyde, VOCs, or even mold spores that find their residences in furniture and walls, can affect any person with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. Everyday activities such as cooking, a common source of pollutants like carbon monoxide, can further exacerbate the problem, since the heat generation and cooking process introduce harmful particles into the air at a certain rate. The government is stepping up actions to heighten awareness about this, even as we see that in extreme cases all these can lead to long-term health problems, hurting our eyes and other vital organs. Testing methods and effective solutions help to manage pollutant concentrations and keep your air clean and healthy, a critical action to embark on the journey to breathe better.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Indoor air quality, often abbreviated as “IAQ,” concerns the quality of air within your home, office, or other buildings you frequent. Here, the factors such as the level of potential allergens, mold, carbon monoxide and other pollutants present in the air comes to play. IAQ isn’t just limited to your own home, but extends to open spaces in commercial buildings as well. The government recommends the efficiency of air circulation, including the use of fans, as a step to reduce pollutant concentrations. Elements such as humidity and VOCs which are often unnoticed also impact it. By understanding the common indoor pollutants and taking necessary action, you can reduce the health risks involved.

Poor air quality can have an immediate effect on your health, as well as the health of your furniture and walls. Filters that fail to capture annoying particulates can allow airborne pollutants like VOCs to wreak havoc, sometimes from a single exposure. These exposure signs include eye irritation, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. In most cases, these symptoms are short-term and easily treatable. However, prolonged exposure and inaction can result in chronic illnesses with severe symptoms.

Plants, nature’s own air cleansers, can help improve the overall air quality. The reactions of a person to indoor pollutants depend on various factors such as age, pre-existing medical conditions and even the humidity levels. Often, these reactions can mimic symptoms of other issues, like the common cold. If the symptoms disappear after leaving the area, it likely indicates a problem with indoor air quality, underlining the need of steps to identify and remove these pollutants.

Along with the immediate effects, long-term problems caused by indoor pollutants is a concern that should not be overlooked. These health issues can manifest years after the initial exposure to mold, chemicals, VOCs, heightened humidity levels and allergens. Examples include heart disease, respiratory problems, and cancer. Hence, it is important to take proactive steps in improving the indoor air quality throughout your home before the effects set heavy on the eyes.

Sources of Indoor Air Quality Issues

Indoor air pollution is frequently the result of particles or gases released into the air from everyday activities, such as cooking, that introduce elements like carbon monoxide. A combination of inadequate ventilation and high humidity can lead to an increase in pollutant concentrations. Therefore, managing these factors can significantly contribute to better indoor air quality.Poor air circulation does not bring in enough outdoor air to reduce the indoor pollutants, and it cannot carry those harmful particles out of the area. Notably, different types of pollutants, like pollen and colds, can accumulate and affect the overall health of the inhabitants.

There are several sources of indoor pollution, including the emission of VOCs, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases. In addition, cracks in the paint on your walls or floors can also contribute to indoor pollution. It’s crucial to manage humidity levels swiftly, especially in high-moisture areas like a bathroom, and to ensure adequate ventilation when using these products in your home. Some of these sources have high concentrations of harmful pollutants. However, do not let fear deter you, as with the right approach and understanding of the importance of managing air quality, beginners too can create a breathable indoor environment. At The Cooling Company, we can conduct an indoor air quality audit and resolve those issues in your Las Vegas home. We will ensure a systematic order of treatment for every source of pollution we identify.

  • Tobacco products
  • Fuel-burning combustion appliances
  • Products for household cleaning and maintenance, hobbies, or personal care
  • Building materials and furnishings
  • Outdoor sources, such as radon, pesticides, or outdoor air pollutants

There are three fundamentals of indoor air quality: air circulation, cleaning, and comfort. With the application of the right filters, effective circulation techniques, and air purifying plants, one can breathe easy in the most comfortable and healthy home atmosphere. Maintaining appropriate humidity levels can also play a crucial role in improving comfort. Many people often overlook air circulation as a major factor for comfort and health. However, if you have an adequately ventilated room, perhaps in your house, you’ll find that issues with pollutants, unpleasant odors, and overall health are rare.

If your homes have easily-opened windows or doors, then as a responsible individual who values the health and quality of lives of those residing in the house, you need to seize every opportunity to let fresh air in. In addition to providing a number of health benefits, fresh air minimizes the stale odors and gaseous causes of poor indoor air quality. If you’re venturing outdoors, be sure to shut the doors and windows behind you to prevent the ingress of smoke, smog, and other harmful gases and pollen that may affect indoor air quality.

In most cases, the right amount of air circulation acts as an invisible housekeeper, “cleaning” your air. While it is a good guidance to infuse fresh air into your rooms, you also need to ensure that these areas don’t have a buildup of dust or dirt that can have health effects. Remnants of these particles can scrape against your throat, aggravate asthma and allergies, and even cause certain diseases. As a protective measure, you might want to steer clear of smoking indoors as the smoke can drastically reduce indoor air quality. Some household cleaners too might be best avoided. These products can paradoxically add more pollutants to the air, which is the last thing you want for your home or business.For individuals constantly battling contaminants such as dust, harmful compounds from cleaning products, and even viruses like Covid, seeking an effective solution is crucial. Investing in an air purifier, a product that functions like a furnace for particulates, could be a timely decision enabling you to put an end to such menace

Fundamentals of Indoor Air Quality

Your personal comfort, right down to the shoes you wear indoors, is an integral part of maintaining a healthy indoor air quality. If you are noticing issues, then you cannot stay comfortable in your home, especially if the temperature is not ideal. Generally, pollutants in the air are discreet, their presence not easily detectable by smell, with even the odor of strong cleaning products or smoke from a burnt meal masking these odors. Importantly, some compounds in the air, such as ozone, are hazardous and difficult to identify without appropriate tools. But, with a high-quality test revealing airborne viruses and other hazards, you’ll be able to detect harmful pollutants that are floating throughout your home. This knowledge can give you peace of mind that your surroundings are healthy and safe, even in the most challenging settings.

After eliminating certain pollutants, it becomes crucial that you work to keep your home fresh and healthy with the right product choices. Thankfully, there are several healthy air products, such as air purifiers, that operate throughout your home to filter out a variety of harmful pollutants in the air. However, bear in mind that certain products like room air fresheners, despite producing a pleasant smell, can decrease your indoor air quality due to the compounds they release.

Lastly, prioritize the maintenance for your home comfort systems. Poor ventilation in your heating devices, such as your furnace, and cooling devices, can detrimentally impact your indoor air quality. If the suitable ventilation is not provided throughout your home, you might find yourself stuck in a stagnant room with a window that won’t open, leading to lackluster air quality.

Maintain That Healthy Air

Indoor air quality is an essential part of making your house a home, especially in a world where we now have to consider the presence of airborne viruses like covid-19. If you have concerns about air quality issues in your personal space, scheduling a home audit could be beneficial. With professional tests, you can gain insights into the quality of air circulating throughout your home.

At The Cooling Company, we’re readily available to assist with all your indoor air quality concerns in Las Vegas. We’ve leveraged our vast experience since 2001, to understand the unique IAQ issues prevalent in this desert community. Here, extreme temperature settings and the lingering dust can have an impact on your home’s air health. Our highly trained team stays updated with the latest HVAC industry trends, including combating viruses, ensuring we provide top-notch service.

Our objective is for you to derive maximum comfort from a reliable HVAC system in your home. Rest assured, we’re committed to keeping you comfortable year-round while taking careful notice of factors like smoking and gases that can compromise indoor air quality. We primarily partner with Lennox, but our expertise extends well beyond, to servicing most brands.

We Can Help With Your Air Quality

Our company provides financing options for those with approved credit. Whether your need entails keeping your home’s air free of dust and harmful compounds from shoes or cleaning products, a heating or cooling install, repair, or regular maintenance check in Las Vegas, you can lean on our experienced team. Drop a line at The Cooling Company for more information.