HVAC Vents Inspection Guide: Ensuring Optimal Performance

When the seasons change, it’s a good idea to inspect your HVAC vents throughout the home with a handy screwdriver. Check for leaks, blockages, filters that may be clogged inhibiting the airflow, or dirt and dust that has gathered in the grilles over the previous months. During this inspection, ensure that the insulation around the air ducts is intact and not causing temperature inconsistencies or condensation that may lead to mold. That way, you can ensure that your central heating and air system is functioning properly for the coming season.

Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

If you have been noticing that your temperatures are uneven, or your energy bills have been higher, it might also be a good time to inspect the vents and ductwork in your home. Tracking the thermostat readings can be a helpful hint to check for possible blockage or air escaping from the vents which might be the culprit of the troubles you are facing. Look out for signs such as uneven temperature distribution and higher energy bills.

In many cases, you can check out the ductwork on your own before you call in a licensed professional. Look at all of your HVAC vents and grilles carefully. Make sure that they are open fully (unless you deliberately close off some vents to lesser-used spaces in the home). Clean them regularly to remove all of the dust or debris. Then, turn on your heat or air conditioning to check the flow at each air vent. This way, you can narrow down where your problems are coming from.

Remove Air Vent Obstructions

Rearrange furniture, so vents aren’t obstructed any more than necessary, and close off vents that are blocked by furniture so that more air will come out of the exposed vents. You can also use a flashlight to look down into the ducts and inspect for holes or damages. This is a common issue with ductwork over time but can often be easily repaired with duct tape or by replacing the damaged pieces.

Of course, if you are getting into ductwork replacement or cleaning of the duct system, you will want to get in touch with an HVAC professional. Regular inspections by professionals can help identify and remove any mold, clean up the condensation, and re-insulate the air ducts where necessary. Professional duct service, repairs, and cleaning can help improve the efficiency and operation of your heating and cooling system. Plus, you can find AC maintenance specials during seasonal changes and even ask about discounts on services or bundles that they may have.

Who Should You Call For HVAC Repairs Or Maintenance?

You should always hire a licensed, professional HVAC technician to perform repairs, clean your ducts, or replace your ducts and vents. This work requires special skill and an understanding of how heating, cooling, and ducting function to create an effective system that keeps the entire home temperate. To discuss your bigger issues or get more information about common HVAC issues you may be having, contact The Cooling Company for a free estimate today!