Top Furnace Warning Signs You Should Watch For

As the weather cools and winter sets into full force, making sure your furnace is running with efficiency and proper energy usage is critical. A furnace with issues is a greater risk than just an inconvenience to your checkbook or an improperly heated home. A malfunction in your furnace can pose a serious risk to health and safety. The very sign of more heat than usual, unusual sounds, or a strange smell can be an indicator of an impending problem. Issues with a furnace during cold winter months can be as benign as causing respiratory problems due to poor air quality associated with poor filter maintenance, or as serious as Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by a fault in the ignition system.

The noises and cycling of your furnace blower are also essential to monitor. Inadequate airflow, resulting from a faulty blower, can influence the furnace’s output, and any unusual noises could indicate a mechanism malfunction. Risks to your home itself, such as irregular cycling or variation in temperature, can potentially lead to as serious an issue as a fire. By being aware of these warning signs, performing regular inspection and HVAC maintenance work, you can rest with more ease:

Just like with other appliances in your house, furnaces can develop problems that require attention. Understanding the symptoms and warning signs to watch for is crucial. In some cases, these signs might indicate minor problems that simply need a tweak here and there, while in others, they could mean serious trouble that calls for furnace replacement.

Besides anything else, taking care of homes’ heating systems is a crucial thing to maintain comfortable living conditions.


While you should see an increase in your utility bill during colder months, an abnormally large or small bill can indicate that your furnace is running too much or too little. It’s useful to look at your utility bills and compare them, see if anything unusual pops up. A sign of this can be noted from changes in energy usage. For example, if you notice something odd, such as certain rooms developing cold spots, your furnace might not be distributing heat the way it should. There might also be a case where excess flame or noise from your heater indicates some parts of your furnace are working overtime or the windows and walls are letting out more heat than usual. The place to start is double-checking your thermostat settings and vents. If everything looks normal, there’s a good chance your furnace is beginning to wear out.

Pilot Lights

A normal pilot light burns a pale blue. Any change in your pilot light in which the color begins to appear more yellow or very yellow suggests there is a problem. This might be a case of malfunction in the gases being burned, or even a gas leak, which could become a serious health hazard. Since this issue involves a problem with the gas system in your furnace, it is essential to contact a professional technician as soon as possible.

Slow Start or Failure to Turn On

A very obvious issue itself, the cause can be somewhat elusive but could be a warning sign. This is another issue that demands the attention of a technician. Even if the furnace still manages to get started and run, the problem will very likely worsen.

If you are experiencing trouble or have any concerns about your furnace, contact The Cooling Company today. Our expert technicians will ensure that your furnace is functioning properly and every part of it is in perfect condition. Especially if you suspect a problem with your furnace filter or ductwork, a professional furnace repair service can take a closer look.