Common Air Conditioner Problems You Should Know

Your air conditioner or AC, as it is commonly referred to, is a long-term investment in your comfort and wellbeing. Given the countless reasons to keep it working perfectly, you obviously want it to function flawlessly for as long as possible. With the higher temperatures registered every summer and your everyday, water-drinking busier lifestyle, the last thing you need is your air conditioner’s condenser coil freezing or the blower motor overheating due to a drainage or electrical problem, or worse, a clogged filter or ducts acting with the insidious hand of damage. This debris-filled scenario is where air conditioning problems come to play, emphasizing why troubleshooting through a thorough process is essential to AC care.

Handling the AC parts can be overwhelming. You can usually avoid problems like a failing motor or capacitor by investing in regular air conditioner tune-ups or maintenance. Unfortunately, sometimes, amidst the hustle and bustle of life and handling the wiring connections, dirt-filled air filters, or carelessly installed batteries, you may find routine troubleshooting or the simple task of cleaning the condenser coil and the drain line overwhelming.

When the unexpected AC problems occur, all you can do is assess the situation and deal with it yourself or call in professional air conditioning repair services. Here are three of the most common issues air conditioners face and how you can deal with them. The manufacturer will usually provide guidelines on how to address these problems.

3 Common Air Conditioner Problems

If you notice that, although your air conditioner is running, it fails to cool your house as it should, the first thing you can do is to make sure all the doors and windows are closed. Also, make sure the room you wish to cool does not exceed the air conditioning unit’s capabilities. If the unit was designed to cool a smaller space, forcing it to cool larger spaces could lead to the motor overheating because of the excessive load, threaten its functionality, and raise your energy bills.

If the air conditioner fails to start, the first step is to make sure there is power going to the unit by checking the circuit breaker to see if it is plugged in and the power supply is functional. Lower the thermostat temperature and check the fuses and circuit breakers. An electrical issue with the wiring could be the culprit. Turn off the noise generating unit and let it cool down for a few minutes before turning it on again. If none of these operations work, call a certified technician for help.

Poor Installation and Maintenance

Air conditioner installation and maintenance are jobs for professionals. Unfortunately, many homeowners, in a bid to save money, consider them as DIY projects, or choose the wrong service providers leading to the capacitor, coil, or drain line being installed incorrectly. Sometimes these DIY projects lead to refrigerant leaks or debris ending up where it shouldn’t be, causing more damage to the unit.

The results are, most of the time, poorly installed units, prone to malfunctions. According to the manufacturer, a poor installation is the number one thing that will drastically reduce the life of the HVAC system causing components to malfunction and go bad. This can cause thousands of dollars in extra repairs. The most common air conditioner issues stemming from faulty installation and poor maintenance are faulty wiring, clogged ducts, freezing coils, and capacitor failure. Therefore, it is crucial to entrust your AC unit to a suitable professional who knows how to properly handle air filters, batteries, and other essential components in the complex air conditioning repair process. The only measures homeowners can take, besides calling professionals and ensuring that their heating and air conditioning units receive adequate service, is to clean the coils and replace the filters to prevent premature failure of the fan or compressor and to keep the air intakes clear at all times, to ensure proper airflow. Moreover, regular checks for clogged drain lines can prevent drainage issues. Smart thermostats can help you cycle through different types of heating and cooling systems for optimal performance.

  • Duct leaks
  • Limited airflow
  • Poor efficiency

This problem usually appears in cases when the unit is improperly installed or when it wire connections become loose, leading to leaks of the refrigerant. Despite common beliefs, refrigerant additions are not always an optimal solution. The best strategy is to have a certified HVAC technician to identify the root of the problem and dictate the measures to be taken. If there is a leak, it is important that it be sealed before recharging the system. The repair should be verified, and the required amount of refrigerant should be estimated carefully.

Low Refrigerant

In the past, almost anyone with basic skills and experience could replace air conditioner refrigerant in their air conditioning units; however, since EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) announced the R-22 phase-out, things have changed.

The refrigerant is no longer readily available in local stores, and the parts needed to replace it, often, do not meet EPA standards. As the R-22 is phased out the cost of R-22 and related repairs are raising daily due to the rising cost of the refrigerant. The agency recommends homeowners choose their service providers carefully, among licensed contractors, with reliable suppliers and high material and labor quality standards in all systems and performance cases.

At the same time, contractors are encouraged to see beyond their customers’ immediate needs and anticipate future ones. Besides making sure they have access to sufficient refrigerant supplies, professionals are encouraged to consider alternative refrigerants and learn how to implement them. This way, their activity will not be obstructed when R-22 is no longer available.

Is your air conditioner not functioning properly? It has been a while since it last received maintenance and you would like to make sure it is in good condition? Could it be a clogged air filter or ducts affecting the air flow, or faulty wire connections causing issues? Do not wait until the heat becomes unbearable! Ask for help now!

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