Broken HVAC Alert: 4 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Is Breaking Down

Occasionally, a fluctuation in temperature or the age of your air conditioning unit can cause problems. When your air conditioning system, particularly your HVAC system, breaks down, it’s not just an inconvenience—often it serves as a warning sign of a malfunctioning component that significantly affects its airflow and efficiency. The damage could cause issues like squealing sounds or diminished performance due to dirt impeding the unit’s parts. There’s nothing quite like the unexpected problems of waking up on a hot summer day in your house and finding no cool air flowing from your air conditioners through your vents. There could be multitudes of times when this may occur, and it might be accompanied by strange noises, an unusual smell, perhaps of mold, or other strange odors, all indicators of something amiss within the system.

Even if there’s no condensed water hinting at a refrigerant leak, a drastic increase in your bills could hint at a compressor ailment. More than just an issue of comfort, high levels of humidity during the peak season due to an ineffective air conditioner can alarmingly point to this problem. This situation could result from moisture affecting your air conditioning unit’s fan and parts.

There are certain warning signs and smells that might signal that your air conditioner, especially those integral to your hvac system, is headed for a leak or breakdown if you pay attention and listen carefully. The age of your unit and the varying temperature it has endured may cause these issues. These issues might include excessive noise, uneven cooling, a strange smell in the air, a mysterious rise in your utility bills, or even the prevalence of strange odors. The following tips are especially relevant if your system is very old, nearing the end of its expected lifespan.

Read on to understand what important components and parts might be affecting the performance of your aging air conditioning unit, and to find out what signs could indicate your air conditioner nearing its final season due to decrease in airflow from damage and blocking dirt.

4 Signs Your Air Conditioning System is Failing

1. It Seems to Make a Lot of Noise.

If your air conditioning system is making an excessive amount of strange noises or squealing sounds, this could be a warning sign of serious problems. You should always keep an eye on the ducts and the fan, which form an integral part of your HVAC system, as these noises may indicate issues with the ductwork. Really listen to the noise and try to remember what it sounded like a year ago or the last time it was working fine. If it’s different, there might just be sticks, twigs, leaves, or debris stuck in the air filter. On the other hand, this might mean that the motor bearings need to be replaced due to age or temperature related damage.

2. Some Rooms Are Too Cool, and Some Are Too Warm.

If your house is being cooled unevenly by the air conditioners and has both cold and warm spots, this could point to a larger issue like a leak. This uneven airflow can cause your unit to overwork at times. Thus, it’s crucial not just for your health but also the health of your air conditioner, to regularly inspect the state of your air filters for possible blockages affecting their efficiency. If this isn’t the case, there might be leaks in the duct piping or ventilation—a more serious repair that might lead to unnecessary condensation, resulting in a musty smell, And possibly even mold growth leading to the release of strange odors.

3. The A/C Isn’t Turning On at All

When your AC starts showing peculiar behaviors, undertake a basic inspection. Does the thermostat need a fresh, energy-efficient battery? Is it set to “cool”? If both of these are fine, listen for the sound of the unit running and feel for air coming out of the vents. If you observe any strange behaviours, such as an unexplained rise in your bills, strange noises, or a strange smell, it’s time to investigate further. If neither is present, a more serious problem such as a broken wiring or possible refrigerant leak might be the root cause—another warning sign to heed.

4. The Unit Doesn’t Blow Cool Air.

If the unit doesn’t seem to want to blow cool air no matter what corrective steps you take, then it’s time to call a professional. Your air conditioning system’s lacklustre performance is probably a sign of a failing component; likely on its way out—that is, if it’s not there already. If your system needs serious work performed and is quite old (20 years old or close to it), then it’s best to consider a total replacement versus a repair. Moreover, if during the hottest season, your system is struggling with humidity control, it’s a clear warning sign of replacement need.

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