Are You Prepared for Winter? Can the Same Thing be Said of Your Heater?

Ah, Ole Man Winter is soon to arrive, even in the Las Vegas Valley, bringing with it icicles, ice, and plenty of snow. By now, you’re probably making sure your wardrobe is filled with thermal wear, packed with insulation for warmth, and is up to the task of keeping you toasty and warm. Winter is coming, and you know what that means: hot chocolate, warm blankets, cozy nights spent by the fire in the comforting glow of a fireplace, and the draft of cold air whistling around outside your windows. While all those things are great, they can’t be enjoyed without a reliable heater. In the same ways you prepare for winter by bundling up, can the same thing be said of your heater?

Whether you’re sure it is or not, this information will serve as a primer for ensuring your heater is up for the challenge and the long haul. It will educate you about setting your programmable thermostats, cleaning the filters in your heating system, and checking the boiler and radiator for optimal comfort.

Signs that Your Heating System May Need Repair

How prepared are you for winter? Are you ready for the chill? Is your boiler working properly? Is your home’s heating system ready for the cold? Does your radiator exude enough heat to keep it warm through the long months of winter?

If not, don’t worry! We’ve got some tips for ensuring that your heater, every window, and fireplace are ready for anything the winter season might throw at them. It’s time to get your heating system ready for the cold.

However, before you go out and buy a new furnace, there are a few things you should know about your current system’s thermostats, filters, and heat settings. You may be surprised at what you find!

Here are some signs that your heating system may need repair:

Your home is too cold: If you’re always shivering when you walk through the front door, past drafty windows and a cooling fireplace, it might be time to look into repairs. Unfortunately, an old boiler, or a neglected radiator may not offer enough insulation and warmth for the demands of modern, frosty times.

The air from your vents smells like gas: If you smell anything other than clean air blowing past your window filters, it could mean something wrong with your heater. Call an HVAC expert immediately if this happens so they can diagnose the problem and fix it before anything gets worse!

You hear strange sounds: These unidentifiable noises could signal an issue with crucial parts of your heating system, such as the boiler, radiator, or fireplace. Improperly set thermostats or clogged filters could also result in unusual noises. Ensure that these issues are addressed promptly to avoid further problems, especially in the heart of winter.

You’re getting an error code when you try to turn on your heat: If you’re getting an error code when you try to set your programmable thermostat or turn on your heater, there are a few potential reasons. It might be a thermostat malfunction, a clogged filter, a faulty boiler, or an ineffective radiator.

  • First, check the furnace filter on your heating unit. If it’s dirty, clean it off and try turning on the unit again. If that doesn’t work, try cleaning out any dirt that may have built up around the fan. There should be a little door where you can reach inside.
  • If this doesn’t help, your thermostat (or smart thermostat) may be set to “off.” To fix this, just go into your thermostat settings and set the temperature back to “on.” If that doesn’t work, try resetting the thermostat by unplugging it for a few minutes.

The temperature in your home isn’t staying consistent: A cold draft, a setting problem on your programmable thermostats, or inefficient filters and windows might be the culprits. Should these checks yield no evident issues, the problem may lie within your HVAC system, and it would be wise to consult with a professional.

Your bills are higher than they should be: Unusually high energy bills during the snow and ice of winter can be a sign of inefficient insulation in your home, ineffective boiler or radiator, or improper setting of your thermostats. All these elements of your heating systems need to be in top condition to ensure maximum comfort and lower energy costs.

The winter months are here, coating the outdoors in a blanket of snow and ice! Are you prepared for the cold with insulated attire, a cozy fireplace, clear windows, and an efficient heating system?

If you’ve been meaning to get your heating and cooling system serviced, now is the time! The Cooling Company will ensure your heating equipment is ready to counter the cold, providing you the comfort you need through efficient filters, programmable thermostats, fully functional boilers, and radiators.

Signs Your Heater May Need to Be Replaced

The Cooling Company can help! We offer a full range of heating services, including the setting of programmable thermostats, clearing up radiators, servicing boilers and checking window insulation, all dedicated to your comfort this winter.

  • Your heater isn’t heating the room as well as it used to. Or it may take longer than usual to heat up. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to replace your heater!
  • You notice an odd smell coming from your heating vents or radiators. This can be a sign of mold and mildew buildup inside of them. If you notice this happening, make sure to call in a professional HVAC technician right away!
  • The temperature outside is dropping, and your heater is running non-stop or not at all. When it comes to heating systems, an inefficient one will cost you more money than a well-functioning one. If it’s time to replace your system, consider going with something more energy efficient. Systems that are more efficient than traditional furnaces can save you money on your energy bill.
  • Your heater is making strange noises. This can be a sign of a mechanical issue. For example, there may be a problem with the fan motor itself.
  • You have to adjust the thermostat all the time to get comfortable temperatures in different rooms of your house. Your home is like a small ecosystem, and it needs to be maintained for it to work properly. If you are having problems with your HVAC system, there may be several things that could be causing this issue. For example, you could have a problem with a heat pump that is not very efficient.

Here Are a Couple of Valuable Tips to Care for your Furnace

  1. You’ve probably heard it more times than you care to clean or replace the air filter. Living without being able to breathe is impossible. Neither is your heater able to work without proper airflow. With a dirty filter, your heater will work harder for much less results.
  2. Check the blower belt and oil the motor. An old and frayed belt can slip and make noise, not to mention not work very well, if at all. The same goes for the motor if it needs to be well-oiled.
  3. Make sure the blower doors are closed. As your heater works, materials such as carbon monoxide are produced. You want to keep this out of your house by making sure the doors to your heater’s blower are closed.
  4. Keep vents in your house open and unobstructed. Vents are easy to ignore and cover with things like rugs and pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow a heater to work very efficiently. Get the full benefit of your heater by keeping your vents open and unobstructed.
  5. Make sure the exhaust fumes to the outside of your home are clean and in good condition. Keeping your home free of the combustion byproducts produced by your heater is important. You can keep this operating efficiently by opening the cap and looking for debris. If your furnace is enclosed in a closet or some other area, open the door to ensure it gets plenty of cool air.
  6. Remove all flammable materials from around your furnace. A furnace, sitting in a closet or some other enclosed area, is often thought to be the perfect place for cleaning supplies and other materials. That’s a bad idea. Cleaning materials and similar products often emit dangerous fumes that can explode when exposed to the heat of a furnace or similar appliance. Best to let your heater have a room of its own.
  7. Make sure your furnace complies with all regulations. Different states all have different laws affecting heaters and other appliances. In Utah, for example, heaters must be approved for operational compliance and carry a “green sticker.” In California, earthquake regulations require that heaters, water heaters, and other equipment be secured to the walls with metal straps. In general, in Las Vegas, you can look for the Energy Star rating.

Our team at The Cooling Company is ready to help! We ensure you are not greeted with a cold draft when you get home, but rather the warmth from a properly working heating system that brings comfort and coziness to your residence.

If you haven’t had your HVAC system inspected in a while, now’s the time! Call us today at (702) 357-4576 to schedule an appointment.

Getting Your Heater Ready for the Cold

Have any doubts about your heater? Contact The Cooling Company to schedule a seasonal maintenance visit. We’ll check your thermostats, filters, boiler, radiator, windows, fireplace, and anything else that ensures your home is prepped for winter’s onslaught of ice and snow.

We know it’s a wild time to be a homeowner, and the last thing on your mind is your HVAC system. However, if you’re not prepared, you could be in trouble.

The Cooling Company can help! We offer a full range of heating services, including:

  • Heating system installation
  • Heating system repair
  • Heating system maintenance
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Heating system maintenance and tune-ups
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Indoor air quality

According to an AccuWeather survey of over 1,000 Americans, only one in three people feel prepared for winter weather. This doesn’t mean you should feel helpless! It just means it’s time to get ready!

Winter heating should be a top priority for anyone who wants to stay warm and cozy during the year’s coldest months. If you’re like most people, it can be hard to know where to start. At The Cooling Company, we offer heating repair services designed specifically for homeowners like you.

Our team at The Cooling Company is ready to help!

Winter is the time of year when we all want to be cozy in our homes. However, if you’re not prepared for the colder weather that comes with it, you may find yourself stuck with a broken heater at the most inopportune time.

We can ensure your home’s heating system is ready to meet the challenge of this chilly season. We’ll inspect your HVAC system and make sure everything is working properly so that when winter hits, you’ll be ready to warm up or cool down as needed.

If you haven’t had your HVAC system inspected in a while, now’s the time! Call us today at (702) 357-4576 to schedule an appointment.

Have any doubts about your heater? Contact The Cooling Company to schedule a seasonal maintenance visit.