The Pitfalls of Choosing an Oversized Air Conditioner

Doing the diligent work of proper HVAC installation, which includes tech components like the all-important air conditioners and furnaces, is more than a matter of convenience for homeowners; it’s a matter of comfort in every condition and room of the house, energy efficiency, and even increasing home values for all homes. As a result of several factors, such as climate, heating requirements, and the total footage of your home, you might think that ‘bigger is always better’ when considering an air conditioner for your place. However, that’s not necessarily the most effective way. The thing about oversizing is that it has the capacity to create more issues than solve problems.

The addition of an oversized air conditioner might seem like a dynamic solution for maintaining a comfortable temperature and beating the heat at all times, but it comes with a range of problems, including the fact that it can lead to mold, due to improper control of water vapor, that can affect your comfort, skyrocket the cost of your energy bills, and even impact the unit’s longevity and your furnace, not to mention putting strain on your ductwork over time. Here’s an in-depth look at why an oversized air conditioner is one poor choice for HVAC systems from the perspective of both HVAC professionals, like those at The Cooling Company, as well as regular people seeking the comfort of cool things at home.

Understanding Fast Cycling And Its Impacts: A Costly Cycle For HVAC Systems

Oversized air conditioners tend to cool the space quickly and then shut off, a process known as fast cycling. This issue might be seen as efficient, but this rapid on-and-off movement is more akin to sprinting than a steady jog, leading to increased wear and tear on the unit and the insulation. This constant starting and stopping, despite the intention to have the system work effectively, puts undue strain on the system, leading to more frequent breakdowns and a shorter overall lifespan of your HVAC system. From a maintenance and cost perspective, this is a significant problem. Over time, this results in higher repair bills and the need for replacement much sooner than anticipated.

Humidity, Comfort And HVAC Issues

One important thing to understand about air conditioners is their role in controlling the flow of air and moisture, essentially processing water vapor and other things present in air. A key component of an air conditioner’s function is to control airflow, remove humidity from the air, and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. However, when an AC unit is too large, the fast cycle doesn’t effectively extract the moisture. This leaves your house feeling clammy and uncomfortable, and may even encourage the growth of mold. Conversely, a properly sized air conditioner operates for longer periods, effectively controlling humidity levels.

Increased Power Consumption: The Bigger The Unit, The Bigger The Energy Bill

The belief that more power equals better cooling is misleading. An oversized unit unexpectedly guzzles more power each time it starts up. As a result, given it cycles on and off more frequently, your energy bills can skyrocket.

The Noise Factor: Another Unwanted Side-Effect

Unforeseen things, like the frequent starting and stopping of an oversized air conditioner doesn’t only strain the HVAC system; it’s also disruptive to your peace, quiet, and overall living comfort. The abrupt noises of the unit starting up and shutting down can become an irrational annoyance, especially compared to smaller HVAC units that run more quietly.

Dealing With Hot And Cold Spots: A Result Of Oversized Units

An oversized air conditioner can, in fact, jeopardize your comfort rather than ensure it. By creating uneven temperatures throughout your home, it may cool the area near the thermostat quickly but shut off before the air reaches further rooms, leaving a trail of hot and cold spots in its wake. A right-sized unit smoothly provides consistent cooling throughout your entire home.

Choosing The Right Sized HVAC System: A Matter Of Efficiency And Comfort

As anyone seeking HVAC services may discover, selecting the correct size air conditioner is crucial not just for comfort but efficiency and longevity as well. With an HVAC contractor’s professional home inspection and consultation, you can determine the ideal unit size fitted aptly to your specific needs depending on various factors, including floor plan and number of windows. By having the right HVAC system and proper maintenance, you can enjoy proficient service, a more comfortable living environment, and money saved. In the long run, it pays to understand that oversizing is not a solution, just a bigger, more costly problem.

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