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In the heart of Henderson, TCC combines local expertise with world-class service to keep your home comfortable year-round. From urgent plumbing fixes to comprehensive HVAC maintenance, we ensure your living space is in peak condition. Discover the difference of a service that’s designed with Henderson homes in mind

Discover TCC's Coverage in Henderson

Ensuring Comfort Across All Henderson Zip Codes

Henderson, with its unique blend of community warmth and scenic beauty, deserves HVAC services that are just as exceptional. Our interactive Henderson Service Area Map is designed to let you quickly find out if your home or business falls within TCC’s extensive service range. Covering from the vibrant heart of Green Valley to the serene vistas of Anthem, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that no corner of Henderson is left without premium HVAC care. Simply navigate the map below to see the zip codes we service, and discover how TCC is dedicated to keeping Henderson comfortable, energy-efficient, and happy, one service call at a time.


Dedicated to Henderson: Our Promise to the Community

Caring for Our City Beyond Comfort Solutions

Nestled in the heart of the Mojave Desert, Henderson stands as a testament to community resilience, beauty, and growth. At TCC, our connection to Henderson goes deeper than the HVAC services we provide. We are proud to be part of this thriving community, contributing to its well-being through dedicated service and genuine care. Henderson’s picturesque parks, like the serene Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and the expansive Cornerstone Park, mirror our commitment to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability in every project we undertake. We cherish the city’s rich history, from the historic Water Street District to the legacy of the Henderson Pavilion, and strive to support its vibrant future. Our team is actively involved in local initiatives, from educational programs to community clean-ups, ensuring that we give back to the city that has welcomed us with open arms. Through our work, we aim to do more than keep homes and businesses comfortable; we aspire to make Henderson a better place for all its residents, one service call at a time.

Highlights of Commitment:

Enhancing our Henderson community together

Our Actions Speak: TCC's Local Initiatives

At TCC, we believe in the power of community. Beyond providing top-tier HVAC services, we are deeply committed to contributing positively to the Henderson area. Our involvement in local initiatives is driven by a desire to support and uplift our neighbors, fostering a sense of unity and well-being. From sponsoring youth sports teams that bring our children joy and healthy activity to participating in environmental clean-ups that preserve Henderson’s natural beauty, our actions are aimed at creating a stronger, more connected community. Below, we highlight some of the key initiatives TCC is proud to support in Henderson, demonstrating our dedication not just to comfort, but to the collective growth and prosperity of our beloved city.
Youth Sports Sponsorship
We’re proud sponsors of Henderson’s youth sports leagues, helping to provide uniforms, equipment, and support for young athletes. Encouraging teamwork, health, and discipline, this initiative is close to our hearts.
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Clean-Up Projects
TCC volunteers regularly participate in local clean-up efforts, including park beautifications and trail restorations. Our commitment to Henderson’s environment mirrors our commitment to sustainability in our services.
Local School Partnerships
Partnering with Henderson schools, TCC has contributed to educational programs and HVAC system upgrades, ensuring a comfortable learning environment for the next generation.
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Charitable Contributions and Events
From food drives to charity runs, TCC actively supports various charitable causes throughout Henderson, aiming to make a difference where it matters most.

Tailored HVAC Solutions for Henderson Homes & Businesses

Expert Services to Beat the Desert Heat and Chill

In the heart of the desert, Henderson faces unique HVAC challenges, from extreme summer heat to surprisingly cool winters. At TCC, we’re equipped with the expertise and technology to provide Henderson residents with comprehensive HVAC solutions tailored to our unique climate. Whether it’s a timely repair, a strategic replacement, a new installation, or regular maintenance, our services are designed to ensure your indoor environment is a refuge from the desert extremes. Discover how our primary services keep your systems running efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively, making every day in Henderson comfortably exceptional.


Immediate, Reliable Repairs When You Need Them Most” – Highlight TCC’s rapid response to repair needs, ensuring that malfunctioning HVAC systems are quickly brought back to optimal condition, minimizing discomfort during peak temperature periods.


Preventative Maintenance for Peak Performance Year-Round” – Outline the benefits of regular maintenance by TCC to prevent common issues such as dust accumulation and wear, crucial for maintaining system efficiency and longevity in a desert environment.


Professional Installations for Supreme Comfort and Efficiency” – Detail TCC’s expert installation services, ensuring new systems are perfectly matched to each home or business’s specific needs, maximizing efficiency and reliability in Henderson’s climate.


Efficient, Long-Lasting Replacements for Outdated Systems” – Emphasize the importance of updating older HVAC systems with more efficient models tailored for the desert climate, focusing on long-term savings and enhanced comfort.

Reach Out Our Cooling Specialists In Las Vegas

At The Cooling Company, our mission is simple yet profound: To deliver unparalleled HVAC services that epitomize comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind for every customer we serve.
Las Vegas

Navigating the vast landscape of Las Vegas, TCC is proud to offer comprehensive HVAC services across a wide range of zip codes.


Henderson, with its unique blend of community warmth and scenic beauty, deserves HVAC services that are just as exceptional.


In the scenic and vibrant community of Summerlin, precise and reliable HVAC services are key to enjoying the beauty and lifestyle this area offers.

Hear From Our Henderson Customers

Real Feedback, Real Comfort Solutions

In Henderson, where the desert meets home comfort, our customers’ experiences speak volumes about the quality of our HVAC services. From emergency repairs that bring relief during unexpected heatwaves to installations that transform homes into havens of efficiency and comfort, TCC is honored to serve our Henderson community. Below, discover firsthand testimonials from your neighbors, sharing their journey to optimal indoor comfort with TCC. These stories not only reflect our dedication to exceptional service but also our commitment to ensuring every Henderson home and business enjoys the perfect indoor environment, all year round.

Showcasing Our Work:
Henderson HVAC Transformations

Before and After: The TCC Difference

In Henderson, where the climate demands the utmost from HVAC systems, TCC’s expertise shines through in every project we undertake. From residential upgrades enhancing family comfort to commercial installations boosting business environments, our work speaks for itself. Below, we spotlight a selection of our completed projects in Henderson, complete with before-and-after visuals that highlight the significant improvements and solutions we provide. Each project showcases our commitment to delivering not just HVAC services, but also enhanced lifestyle and productivity for our Henderson clients. Dive into these transformations and see the tangible impact of our work in the local community.
At TCC, we take pride in every project we undertake in Las Vegas, turning HVAC challenges into successes that resonate with comfort and efficiency. Below, we’ve curated a selection of our most notable projects, highlighting the dramatic transformations we’ve achieved through our dedicated service. From historic homes requiring delicate care to modern businesses seeking sustainable solutions, these featured projects showcase our comprehensive approach to HVAC excellence. Dive into the before-and-after stories that not only demonstrate our technical expertise but also our commitment to enhancing the living and working environments of Las Vegas. For an in-depth look at our broader portfolio, we invite you to visit our complete project showcase.

Featured Projects:

Residential Cooling System Upgrade
This Henderson home faced frequent breakdowns and inefficiency issues with its old HVAC system. TCC installed a modern, energy-efficient unit, resulting in improved comfort and lower energy bills.
Commercial Air Quality Improvement
A local Henderson business struggled with indoor air quality, affecting employee productivity and customer satisfaction. TCC implemented a comprehensive air purification solution, dramatically enhancing the indoor environment.
HVAC Maintenance for Community Center
The community center’s HVAC system was underperforming, leading to uneven temperatures and high maintenance costs. TCC’s regular maintenance plan restored the system’s efficiency and reliability.

Optimize your HVAC: Tips for Summerlin

Select Your Tips: Residential or Commercial

In the dynamic climate of Summerlin, keeping your HVAC system in peak condition is crucial for comfort and efficiency, whether you’re cooling your home or your business. TCC offers expert advice tailored to the unique needs of Summerlin residents and business owners. Use our toggle feature below to view tips specifically designed for your residential or commercial property, ensuring your space remains comfortable, and your energy bills stay low, regardless of the season.
Residential Tips

Check and Replace Air Filters Regularly

Increased dust and allergens can clog filters quickly, reducing efficiency. Monthly checks are recommended during high-use seasons.

Schedule Professional AC Tune-Up

Before the peak heat arrives, ensure your system is professionally inspected and tuned to handle the summer demands without faltering.

Residential Tips

Regular Filter Changes

Change your air filters every 1-3 months to maintain air flow and improve air quality, especially important in Summerlin’s dusty conditions.

Thermostat Settings

Optimize your thermostat settings for the seasons — 78°F in summer when home, and 85°F when away; 68°F in winter when home, and lower when away.

Sealing Leaks

Check for and seal leaks around doors and windows to keep cool air in during summer and warm air in during winter, maximizing your HVAC's efficiency.

Winter Readiness

Inspect Your Heating System Early

Don’t wait for the cold to set in. A fall maintenance check can identify and fix potential heating issues before you need to rely on your system.

Seal Leaks and Insulate

Keep the warm air in and the cold air out by sealing windows and doors and checking insulation, particularly in older homes that may have drafts.

Commercial Tips

Energy Management Systems

Consider installing a building energy management system to optimize HVAC operation times based on occupancy and usage patterns, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

HVAC Zoning

Implement HVAC zoning in larger commercial spaces to control temperatures in different areas independently, enhancing comfort and reducing energy waste.

Regular Professional Maintenance

Schedule bi-annual professional maintenance checks to ensure your system's components are functioning efficiently, crucial for handling Summerlin's temperature extremes.

Year-Round Tips

Thermostat Management

Consider a programmable thermostat to create efficient, comfortable temperature settings that automatically adjust to your daily routine.

Regular System Checks

Keep an eye on your HVAC’s performance year-round, noting any strange noises or inefficiencies and addressing them promptly with professional help.

Your Henderson HVAC Heroe

Meet the Team Keeping You Comfortable

Behind every reliable HVAC system in Henderson is the TCC team, a group of highly skilled and dedicated professionals committed to ensuring your comfort. From seasoned field technicians who tackle everything from routine maintenance to complex installations, to our friendly customer support staff who ensure your experiences are smooth and satisfactory, meet the people who make it all happen. Each team member is not just an expert in their field; they’re part of the Henderson community, sharing in the joys and challenges of living in our unique climate. Get to know the faces behind the service that keeps Henderson homes and businesses at the perfect temperature all year round.
John Doe
Lead HVAC Technician
With over a decade of experience in the HVAC industry, John has seen and fixed it all. A Henderson resident himself, he understands the local climate’s demands on heating and cooling systems and is passionate about finding the best solutions for each home
Jane Smith
Customer Service Manager
Jane heads our customer service team, ensuring every Henderson customer’s experience is beyond satisfactory. Her knowledge of HVAC systems and dedication to customer happiness makes her an invaluable part of the TCC family.
Alex Johnson
HVAC Maintenance Specialist
Specializing in preventative maintenance, Alex helps Henderson families and businesses avoid HVAC issues before they start. His meticulous approach and preventive strategies are key to our customers’ continued comfort.
Senior HVAC Technician
With over 15 years of experience, Jake is a cornerstone of our team. His expertise in HVAC technology and commitment to customer service excellence have made him a favorite among Summerlin residents.
Customer Service Lead
Emily’s warm welcome and problem-solving skills ensure that every interaction with TCC leaves you feeling supported and valued. She’s passionate about making sure every Summerlin resident’s experience is seamless.
HVAC Installation Specialist
Specializing in efficient, high-quality installations, Carlos transforms homes and businesses with state-of-the-art HVAC systems. His meticulous work ensures that Summerlin properties are equipped to handle the desert climate.

Henderson HVAC FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Expert Guidance for Your Comfort Needs

Living in Henderson means enjoying the unique beauty of Nevada while navigating its distinct climate challenges. At TCC, we understand that keeping your home or business comfortable throughout the year comes with questions. Whether it’s preparing for the scorching summer heat, maintaining optimal air quality, or ensuring your system’s efficiency, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions by Henderson residents. From care tips to preparing for service visits, find the answers you need to make informed decisions about your HVAC system.
How often should I service my HVAC system in Henderson's desert climate?
We recommend at least annual maintenance checks to ensure your system is prepared for the extreme temperatures. Considering Henderson’s dust and heat, a spring check for your AC and a fall check for your heater are ideal.
Regularly replacing air filters, considering air purifiers, and ensuring your HVAC system is clean are effective steps. Given Henderson’s dry climate, adding a humidifier can also enhance indoor air quality.

If your system is frequently breaking down, not heating or cooling efficiently, or causing higher energy bills, it might be time for a replacement. Our TCC technicians can provide a thorough assessment to help you decide

Absolutely. Modern, energy-efficient HVAC systems are designed to use less energy while providing better comfort, significantly reducing your bills, especially important in Henderson’s climate.
Ensuring your system is serviced, checking your thermostat’s function, and making sure your home is well-insulated against the heat can make a big difference. Contact TCC for a pre-summer tune-up.

Special Offers
Just for You, Henderson

Exclusive HVAC Discounts
to Keep Your Home Comfortable

At TCC, we’re not just about delivering expert HVAC services; we’re about ensuring every Henderson home enjoys unparalleled comfort without stretching your budget. That’s why we’ve curated exclusive offers and special promotions specifically designed for our Henderson community. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your system, require timely repairs, or want to ensure your HVAC is running efficiently with our maintenance plans, our special deals are here to make your decision easier. Explore our current promotions below and take advantage of these unique opportunities to enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency with TCC’s trusted services.

Summer Readiness Tune-Up Special

Beat the Henderson heat with our Summer Readiness Tune-Up. Schedule your service today and receive a special discount exclusive to Henderson residents. Ensure your AC is in top shape for the summer months ahead.

Energy-Efficient Upgrade Offer

Thinking about an upgrade? Now's the perfect time. Henderson homeowners can enjoy significant savings on energy-efficient HVAC systems. Reduce your energy bills and increase your comfort with the latest in HVAC technology.

Referral Rewards Program

Share the comfort with friends and neighbors. Refer a new Henderson customer to TCC, and both you and they will receive a discount on your next service. It's our way of saying thank you for spreading the word.

Annual Maintenance Plan Discount

Sign up for our TCC Platinum Package and enjoy year-round peace of mind with a special discount for Henderson residents. Regular maintenance keeps your system efficient and extends its lifespan.