Why Choose Lennox? 6 Compelling Reasons to Love and Opt for Lennox Products

If you’re in the market for a new, stylish air conditioner, you may have stopped to wonder why Lennox, a brand with a sterling reputation, is the right choice.

AC technology has been advancing rapidly, and Lennox has led the game for decades. However, unlike older systems, the leading high-efficiency units offer features that make you feel like you’ve entered an air conditioning utopia. Part of this progression includes eco-friendly features, reflecting the brand’s commitment to the community and environment.

There are many elements to contemplate when purchasing a new HVAC system. For example, the size of the unit concerning your home’s location and space. Price, energy efficiency, longevity, and reliability of various parts are also crucial considerations for this investment. In other words, quality is always the most significant factor, and the trust individuals have in the Lennox logo symbolizes why it stands above other brands.

If you’re like most people, you never really gave much thought to the brand of your air conditioning or furnace until it was time to replace it. Then all of a sudden, there were so many different AC brands available, each with a unique reputation! Some brands even offer incentives for replacing the equipment early or discounts.

So how do you know what brand you should choose? That’s where we come in to guide you based on our trust in the quality, community perception, and the stylish design of the Lennox units. Here’s why Lennox remains our number one air conditioner brand.

Who is Lennox?

Lennox is one of the biggest names in the heating and cooling industry, creating anything from furnaces to central air conditioners to heat pumps. Lennox remains a giant in the HVAC industry by delivering comfort, reliability, and eco-friendly options to millions of people across different locations in the country. In addition, Lennox’s products are highly efficient and offer a storage tank heat pump among the quietest on the market.

The company was founded over 100 years ago in 1895 by Dave Lennox. Since then, the company has been operating with integrity, respect, and excellence as core values reflected even in the parts of their products. Lennox’s code of conduct goes beyond the company alone. Certified dealers like us at The Cooling Company (TCC) also strive to maintain and reflect these standards, reinforcing the brand’s reputation further. That’s how Lennox has been able to win the hearts of many households and businesses across the company.

At The Cooling Company, we proudly offer Lennox HVAC products to our customers. Lennox is one of the most reputable HVAC manufacturers in the industry and has been a leader for decades. We love Lennox products for many reasons, from their stylish design to their dedication to creating an eco-friendly community. Here are six of them:

1. The Lennox Quality

The high quality of Lennox equipment and the robustness of their parts is one of the main reasons the company has led the industry for so long. Rest assured, when you use the Lennox brand, you give your home and family the best quality. In addition, people can trust that when they buy a Lennox AC system, they will be satisfied with its performance and longevity. A perfect example is their coils which have proprietary aluminum alloy construction. These coils are created to be resistant to corrosion and rusting. Another example is their use of two-stage compressors optimized to run quietly.

Every Lennox air conditioner goes through testing to ensure it meets strict performance and efficiency requirements before leaving the factory. As a result, purchasing a Lennox product means getting one of the most reliable products available with a trusted logo that symbolizes lasting quality.
The secret to the success of Lennox products, including HVAC homeowner products, in the field of climate-control solutions is their energy efficiency. Focusing on communities, Lennox meticulously designs their systems for lower energy use than other comparable systems. That results in more money saved by cost-conscious families and a direct positive impact on the environment.

2. Energy Efficiency

Let’s face it. Having an energy-efficient unit, like reliable refrigeration systems, is essential these days. With rising utility costs, you can’t afford to waste money on an AC system that uses more energy than it needs to. This is a conversation and concern that’s been widely discussed in many a newsroom.

Lennox offers some of the most efficient systems on the market today. Many of their models, known for the embodiment of ‘feel the love’ reliability, are rated at up to 25 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) and even higher. As a result, Lennox units can keep families cool on even the hottest days without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Advanced features like variable-speed motors and built-in diagnostics can also help reduce noise levels. The result is less disruption and distractions in the homes or workplaces that form the very backbone of our communities.

Making strides in the field, Lennox is always at the forefront of energy efficiency in its HVAC systems. Did you know that they also lead the game regarding environmentally friendly HVAC systems? Lennox focuses on providing revolutionary climate-control solutions within the industry. As an example, demonstrating their innovative spirit, the company was the first to develop an air conditioner to meet Energy Star guidelines. As a result, we have the minimum SEER of 13 that became mandatory for all new AC systems in 2006.

3. Lennox Cares About the Environment

You can all save money on utility bills while helping to protect the environment. Lennox, pioneering in the field, leads the charge with its environmentally friendly design and production processes. The company constantly strives to create better products for customers and the environment. Today, Lennox continues to develop efficient HVAC systems that reduce energy costs for communities. At the same time, they still do their part to help conserve natural resources. Going green with Lennox is another effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, and we are leading the charge at the newsroom.

If there were a word that described Lennox better than any other as they provide unique solutions for adults, families, and communities, it would probably be “innovative.”

4. Commitment to Innovation

Lennox continually updates its product line to include innovative new technology that makes systems significantly more efficient and convenient. Most systems come with an array of features that let you customize your comfort level anytime, day or night. Programmable thermostats, smart home compatibility, and more allow you to enjoy complete control even when you’re not home.

Outside of providing top-of-the-line HVAC equipment including consumer-friendly HVAC homeowner products, the customer service provided by Lennox is top-notch due to its strong dealer network. Dealers are not just salespeople. They serve as the reliable allies in the field who help ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase. Pair that with our team of experts at The Cooling Company, and you have the best support in the HVAC industry. We have provided community-centered home comfort installation services within Las Vegas and the surrounding areas for a decade. In addition, we provide free estimates before installation. So, you know precisely how much installing a new air conditioning system will cost before signing any contracts.

5. Customer Service

Of course, your new Lennox HVAC system will qualify for federal tax credits. However, did you know that you can also be eligible for rebates on your utility bills? Contact your Lennox dealer for information on how you can qualify for this and feel the love of Lennox firsthand.
Lennox, a reputable dealer who takes pride in supporting all customers, offers rebates on specific systems and promotions throughout the year, assuring you of effective ways to save money. Furthermore, our dealer pros support assists to help you stay mindful of your budget, offering financing opportunities tailored to accommodate your needs. Do you, for instance, ever wonder if your current air conditioner saves you money in today’s energy-consumptive environments?

6. Rebates

Our star product, the SL28XCV air conditioner, boasts an enviable efficiency rating of up to 28 SEER. Its sustainability credentials are evident in its potential to save hundreds of dollars on utility bills annually. Notably, it has gained recognition as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2021, creating an impressive image in sustainability endeavors. The SL28XCV has the unique ability to harness the sun’s energy to enhance its efficiency further, a feature we call the Solar-Assisted Cooling Function.

Best Lennox AC units for Homes

SL28XCV Air Conditioner

Lennox’s SL28XCV air conditioner is renowned as one of the quietest in the industry, thanks to our innovative technology, such as the SilentComfort fan blades. These precision-engineered templates act as the underpinnings for the SilentComfort fan blades, which cut through the air with less turbulence than traditional fan blades. This ensures that it will be an upgrade in terms of tranquility, compared to your old AC unit.

With a SEER rating of 18, this energy-conscious air conditioner uses markedly less energy than others. This translates into a potential energy savings of up to 44% each year when compared against brands with a lower SEER rating of 10. Additionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that it comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and five years on covered components.

EL18XCV Air Conditioner

All Lennox Elite Series equipment, like the EL18XCV, are designed to work in tandem with ComfortSense 7500 thermostats. To reach its SEER rating of 18, we have incorporated an efficient variable-capacity scroll compressor. This addition provides maximum cooling comfort during the warm weather and reliable performance during Wisconsin’s cooler seasons.

The EL18XCV benefits from sound ratings as low as 72 dBA for impressively quiet operation. Its attractive louvered metal guard and powder-paint finish not only protects the coil from damage but provides premium durability and improved UV protection.

The 16ACX Air Conditioner is another sound choice, featuring a 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components, including the compressor. Its SEER rating of up to 16 means you could save 41% on energy annually. Plus, with a sound rating as low as 75 dB, it operates almost as quietly as a normal conversation.

16ACX Air Conditioner

As a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation, the Lennox 16ACX utilizes R-410A refrigerant, which avoids ozone layer depletion unlike some other refrigerants such as FREON.

Model L Rooftop units are designed with variable speed components, intelligent operation, and equipped with the latest Revit files program for optimized performance. Thus, guaranteeing you the lowest cost of ownership in the AC system industry. With an EER rating of 15, this unit is perched at the watershed of top-tier industry standards. Consider the benefits you and your employees could enjoy from optimized humidity control. Over time, the enhanced dehumidification feature is designed to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Best Lennox AC Units for Businesses

Model L Ultra-High Efficiency Rooftop Units

When it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your business, look no further than the Energence Rooftop Units. It surpasses ASHRAE minimum standards by over an impressive 90%. Plus, this unit comes with the optional SmartAirflow system, a bold statement of the innovative cooling solutions we offer.
Boasting a unique feature that utilizes AutoCAD designs, you can save upwards of 30% on annual ventilation costs compared to other rooftop units you’ve previously used. Not only does this deliver tremendous savings, but it also adds in convenience as the site map planning becomes more accurate and user-friendly.

Energence Rooftop Units (60Hz and 50Hz)

Furthermore, the Energence Rooftop Unit, currently accepting nominations for best HVAC unit, is built to last. It’s corrosion-resistant – a fantastic head start you need to improve indoor air quality. This air conditioner doesn’t just filter and circulate the air in your home. With foil-faced insulation on internal surfaces, it minimizes the presence of airborne fibers and allergens that can affect air quality. Have you seen our units on Instagram? We regularly post updates and insights into the meticulous design and manufacturing process.

Landmark Rooftop units, earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, are the perfect comfort system and built for efficiency. Boasting a SEER rating of 16.5, an IEER rating of 16, and supply fan savings, your business can perform more energy-efficiently. Moreover, this system comes equipped with a scroll compressor to ensure long-term operation.

Landmark Rooftop Units

Like all Lennox products, the Landmark Rooftop unit is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean and service. Whether you view our site in the Espanol version or Version Francaise, it’s crystal clear that when your TCC technician comes for your regular maintenance check-up, it doesn’t take as long. Again, by design, Landmark Rooftop units are optimized for serviceability. It’s part of how Lennox ensures that you get the most out of your AC system.

At our core, we are all about finding the best, most efficient cooling solution for your home and business. Plus, we are uncompromisingly focused on customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re the cooling pros. So it makes sense that we stand behind the reputable Lennox brand.

Where to Get Your Lennox AC System

Lennox has been a leader in innovative technology since it was founded. They build HVAC systems that are safe, efficient, durable, and affordable. Lennox continues to develop new technologies that improve efficiency, reliability, and comfort by utilising smart sensors in its products. As a result, their AC units are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Additionally, their coated steel cabinets resist corrosion better than other models on the market.

In addition, Lennox air conditioners provide the most energy-efficient cooling systems in the industry. Delivering precise comfort control, Lennox designs the perfect air conditioners. They continuously make small fan speed and cooling output adjustments to hold your temperature exactly where you want it. From one room to a whole house and even commercial buildings, Lennox offers a variety of options to fit any need.

The Cooling Company, proud to be a Premier Lennox Dealer, means we have the experience and certifications to service, install, and repair any Lennox system. So whether it’s a unit from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, the Elite Series, the Merit Series, or the Healthy Climate Solutions, we have the knowledge and skills to help.

Our technicians are NATE and EPA certified and take ongoing training courses to stay on top of the latest trends in the HVAC industry. That’s how we continue to do outstanding work. So if you want your new Lennox HVAC system installed right the first time, contact us today! The Cooling Company is here to serve you, ensuring your comfort is our top priority.

Our technicians are NATE and EPA certified and take ongoing training courses to stay on top of the latest trends in the HVAC industry. That’s how we continue to do outstanding work. So if you want your new Lennox HVAC system installed right the first time, contact us today!