Does Brand Matter When Buying A New AC?

Warmer months are the majority of our beautiful desert life here in Vegas. Coming in from the warm climate of our desert state, homeowners want to feel the cool, crisp breeze of a healthy working air conditioning unit. Research claims a cool home is an important part of your health. In addition, as the day progresses and the sunlight becomes night, studies show sleeping in a colder room can improve sleep and even helps insomnia episodes. Scientists think this is due to our natural drop in core temperature as we spend less energy at night.

We often hear the question from homeowners, “Does brand matter when buying an air conditioner?” We think so! Especially when living in the heat of Vegas. However, shopping for the best choice of an AC unit in your home may seem overwhelming. Top picks seem to have slight differences at first glance. In addition, first-time buyers may have difficulty deciding on the best brand for their family with all the different models to consider for their new central air conditioner.

Buying an HVAC System for Your Home is an Investment

There are significant factors to consider when purchasing HVAC brands. Homeowners should find a brand with an excellent reputation, high efficiency, longevity, low maintenance, cooling capacity and strength, cost, and ease of working. These are important aspects of having the best investment for the lifespan of the AC unit.

Does the Brand of the HVAC System Matter?

The consumer reports answer is YES! The brand does matter when you purchase a new HVAC system for your home. Efficiency levels in Lennox AC units lead the way with a SEER rating of up to 26. Lennox is famous for making high-efficiency products, including its air conditioners. Different brands, such as the Trane system brand, have difficulty gaining higher-top quality as their leading model has only a 22 SEER rating.

Investing in high-quality HVAC systems for your home or rental property can create peace of mind and years of comfort and even increase your home’s value.

Although efficiency, longevity, maintenance, and carbon footprint are among the questions we get from consumers. The most common question is, “what is the average cost?”

Wellington, and Joanna Santana, are the founders and business owners at The Cooling Company. They arrived in America with only three hundred dollars to their name. This is one of the reasons the Santanas have a deep respect for their clients’ money investment.

Their customer service reflects their excellent reputation over the last many years. The Santanas are known to ensure their customers feel supported in this major investment.

Lennox Is the Leading Brand Known for Its Most Energy-Efficient Product Lines

When considering the cost of cool air systems, it is not just the upfront costs that make the best financial decision. The lifetime of the energy costs, maintenance, and how well it will work in your home are all things to consider as a first time or seasoned homeowner. Saving money every month on utilities and maintenance work over the lifetime of the equipment is also invested money to be considered. The limited warranty and reputation of the company are also important when making this decision. One of The Cooling Company’s top manufacturers is Lennox.

Taking an Affordable Option Upfront on a Cheaper Unit Can Cause the Homeowners to have Steeper Monthly Fees

It is common for first-time homeowners and new rental property investors to buy in the price range of a “cheaper product,” Some never consider the reliability and what that means for the lifetime of the AC unit and monthly utility costs. Unfortunately, cheaper upfront doesn’t always mean cheap for the lifespan of the cooling system.

New homeowners often find the previous homeowners have left them with less quality HVAC brands. They could see less than a 10-year turnaround in the health and efficiency of the HVAC units left in homes like these. The new homeowners will spend more money on maintenance as they try to squeeze more life out of the AC unit.

These new first-time homeowners navigating through home warranties will question if their money would be better spent investing in a product with an excellent reputation versus spending money on more maintenance issues and upkeep.

Buying a New HVAC System is a Significant Investment. There are Many Important Factors to Consider

Some Lennox distributors report their HVAC systems have been known to work for 15-25 years with proper care. Therefore, making the initial investment in the price range seems more critical in those upfront costs.

Limited warranties are something homeowners consider when finding the right system for their homes. The unit and parts are covered through five years in their warranty with Lennox. Lennox also has a 10-year warranty on select products. However, Consumer Reports’ survey shows that Lennox is one of the best central air conditioner brands, with few homeowners using the warranty in the first five years.

The Lennox company is known for always being the top leading brand. They stay up to date on the new technology so they can provide homes with clean, quiet, cool air. In addition, they have a reputation for reliability on the market today because nothing feels better than getting home and enjoying the fresh, pleasantly cool air of your AC unit as you unwind from the day.

High-Efficiency AC Units in Leading Brands Like Lennox are Designed to Run Longer

When homeowners hear the equipment will be running longer, they get nervous. Ironically, this is where the money savings begins. The equipment running longer helps maintain cooler temperatures and normal humidity levels within the home. Even though the AC units are running longer, they do so at lower speeds which use less energy. Although it seems counterproductive, the quality of efficiency is more significant when the equipment maintains the correct temperature ranges rather than dropping below or rising above the desired temperature. That type of fluctuation in temperature requires your HVAC systems to work harder to regain the desired temperatures within the home. Product reviews and recommendations by genuine buyers and HVAC experts rate Lennox as the most efficient in this type of cooling method.

How Can I Support My HVAC System at Home?

Keith Buchhalter is the Public Affairs Specialist for Overton, Nevada Power District #5 and writes for ViewOn Magazine. In his articles, he shares tips on how to help your HVAC Systems be more efficient by programming your thermostat. He says you can save 10% per year on heating and air. In addition, he advises using window covers to block hot air from coming in and reminds his readers to switch ceiling fans each season.

The Better Business Bureau encourages consumers to clean the unit and the vents, allowing cool air to pass through. The Better Business Bureau also urges homeowners to change the filters regularly to create more effortless flow for the AC unit and cleaner air in the home. The Better Business Bureau also states to schedule yearly checkups to prevent more expensive work in the future. By monitoring the maintenance of the equipment, the homeowners can make sure normal wear and tear do not become significant expenses from neglect.

The Cooling Company Offers a Yearly 21-Point AC Unit Tune-Up

The Better Business Bureau recommends sticking with your original installer or an HVAC company you trust for maintenance checkups. Most manufacturers’ warranty requires preventive annual or bi-annual unit checks. The warranty could be void if these unit checks are not completed annually. At The Cooling Company, we take care of changing your air filters during warranty maintenance checks.

With quality maintenance checks, the homeowner can prevent minor things from failing that could lead to motor failure and more expensive problems. The lack of preventative care can raise the total cost of repairs over the lifetime of the AC unit.


The Cooling Company feels Lennox is the best central air conditioner brand with price ranges that adapt to homeowners’ needs. We also like seeing the savings our homeowners gain through the best energy savings with Lennox. Lennox has many cooling products that are ENERGY STAR® certified. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created the program ENERGY STAR®. ENERGY STAR® protects consumers with money-saving energy-efficient products in the HVAC industry. When shopping for HVAC systems, you will see the different manufacturers with the ENERGY STAR® certified label displayed on the front of the unit. This label states the equipment meets or exceeds the United States federal guidelines for the performance of the product and meets the standard of energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR® certified HVAC brands offer homeowners significant utility savings. Other product lines, including major brands that do not have the ENERGY STAR® certification, can be significantly more expensive on monthly utility bills. ENERGY STAR® certification models can reduce costs by up to 50% on utility total costs.

The primary factor contributing to the efficiency of the ratio of the AC unit is the rate at which they can remove heat per hour. ENERGY STAR® labeled appliances mean they have a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Energy Efficiency Ratio measures how efficiently a room air conditioner unit will operate while the harsh conditions continue to scorch the land outside the home. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures the efficiency of how well the central air conditioner holds the temperatures in the home; again, in comparison to the harsh conditions outside. The higher the rating, the more cooling the home for every Watt of energy. Experts say anything over 13 in a SEER rating is excellent. For example, Lennox products have a SEER rating efficiency of up to 26.

Lennox systems are a favorite of many consumers and HVAC experts. Their website states, “Lennox offers a wide variety of home cooling products that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label. Each of these products has been designed to deliver year-round energy savings, along with other comfort-enhancing benefits, such as more even temperatures, better humidity control, and consistent airflow.”

When considering installing a new ENERGY STAR® cooling product line, many may qualify you for local utility rebates, manufacturer’s rebates, tax credits, or other energy incentives. These can bring down the cost of a higher SEER system on a top HVAC brand, allowing you more financial options in buying one of the best air conditioner brands.

The Science of Lennox

Lennox was created and founded in 1895. The brand since then has been recognized for its high-quality efficiencies in its central air conditioners. In addition, they are known for their price ranges varying to meet every homeowner’s needs.

Lennox has created the Quantum™ coil. For desert life, with the harsher conditions of the Vegas area, the Quantum™ coil helps the outdoor units of Lennox operate smoothly. With years of experience, Lennox’s Quantum™coil has a fortified aluminum alloy exterior, allowing the unit to perform in the most extreme heat.

We are in an age where convenience and sound are essential. Gone are the days when we hear loud appliances click on as top brands consider noise levels. In the case of decibels, total silence is 0. A whisper is considered 15 decibels. Everyday conversations happen at 60 decibels. The best AC units run well under 60 decibels. Lennox’s range starts at 41 decibels, ensuring quieter air, making Lennox one of the best central air brands on the market.

The “Smart” Life

Lennox leads the way in smartphone compatibility. Smart AC units with advanced features allow you to monitor what your home is doing while you are away. For example, you can adjust the air conditioner’s settings right from your phone. Cool the home down before you get home, and change settings to monitor humidity levels. You can even monitor certain rooms in the house.

We find that homeowners enjoy these options while away and when home, making temperature changes more convenient. With new air conditioning systems, homeowners can download an app to their phone, tablet, or computer which connects them to their Smart home systems. Some apps are even voice-assisted. A Smart AC unit helps save energy without compromising temperature changes on cooling. They are a convenient investment and a great way to save money every month.

An Exciting New Investment

When purchasing a new air conditioning system, we understand there are major factors to consider. Central air conditioners are an investment. An investment with the initial purchase and with the homeowner’s monthly costs.

There are pros and cons to finding the best AC brand.

  • Will there be higher prices upfront
  • Will you save money on your future energy bills

Contact The Cooling Company for your new Lennox AC. Both The Cooling Company and Lennox have a good reputation. Our techs are certified to handle anything from repairs to installation. We are honest, quick, affordable, highly experienced, and want to help you make the right decision for your home investment.