What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Has a Refrigerant Leak

In all of today’s air-conditioners, the refrigerant is the chemical that is needed to remove heat from the air. The heat is then discharged to the outside, and the cooled air is pumped through the rooms of the house.

Refrigerant operates in a closed system within the air conditioner and is difficult to detect visually. Even if it leaks to the outside, refrigerant can evaporate immediately. One sign that there’s a refrigerant leak in the air conditioner is when the A/C runs but does not cool. An air conditioner that doesn’t cool can also be a sign that the system is undercharged.

Recharging refrigerant in an air conditioning system is the one repair that a layperson really should not attempt. Refrigerant is dangerous to handle and is toxic if it gets into the environment. Recharging it should be left to a team of professionals like ours at [company_name], the premier HVAC company in Las Vegas.

Our Comfort Specialists are second to none when it comes to air conditioner maintenance, repair, and replacement. It doesn’t matter if the problem is with a central air conditioning system or a room unit. When a customer suspects a refrigerant leak calls, our professionals will inspect and diagnose the system to make repairs as needed. We’ll not only repair the leak but will recharge the refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Undercharging the refrigerant leads to your home not being cooled the way it should while overcharging is likewise inefficient.

To better serve your cooling needs, [company_name] is pleased to offer our customers the TCC Platinum Maintenance Plan that entitles you to four filter changes a year, two air conditioner tune-ups and 15 percent off A/C repairs. Platinum plan customers are also given priority in cases of emergencies.

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