December 23, 2015

You rely on your heating system very heavily in the winter. Using the system properly involves more than just turning it on when the house gets cold.

The Dos and Don’ts When Using Your Heating System

Do Use a Programmable Thermostat

You do want to use a programmable thermostat with your heating system. These can be easily installed by a professional. Programmable thermostats are important because they allow you to adjust the temperatures automatically depending on what is happening. Programmable thermostats can reduce wear on your system and keep your house more comfortable.

Do Not Run the Heater for Only Brief Periods

You never want to run your heating system for only brief periods of time. This can wear down the parts and cause problems with moisture. If you turn the heating system on, then allow it to run for three full hours before turning it off again.

Do Keep Vents and Registers Clean

Your heating system is going to push air from one room of your house to another. You need to keep the vents and registers clean to prevent allergens, dust, and other particles from being distributed throughout the home. Additionally, dirty vents and registers can inhibit the flow of air so that your heating system works less efficiently.

Do Not Turn the Thermostat Up Suddenly To Warm the House

You do not want to turn the thermostat all the way up in an attempt to warm the house quickly. This will force your heating system to work harder than it should. It will also potentially cause problems by heating your house up so much that it is not comfortable to be inside.

Do Schedule Annual Professional Maintenance

You do want to schedule HVAC maintenance on your entire heating system every year. The best time is just before winter starts. Professionals can come in and inspect your HVAC system. Fine-tuning can be done to improve performance. A technician might also see the damage and perform repairs. Having maintenance done annually will ensure that your heating system does not break down during the winter and continues operating as efficiently as possible.

Do Not Block the Airflow

You do not want to block the airflow through your house. Air should be able to flow freely from heating vents to thermostats. There should be clear areas in front of all vents and registers. Keep doors to commonly used rooms open to spread the heat. This keeps your home warm and your heating bills low.

It is important to make sure that your HVAC system is in good shape before the winter starts. The best way is to call The Cooling Company today to schedule an inspection and maintenance.

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