My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off, What Should I Do Now?

It’s a beautiful, warm summer day in Las Vegas, and you’ve been outside for the last few hours. Perhaps you were doing some yard work, or maybe you went down to the park to play with the kids and enjoy the sun. Wherever you were, now you just want to have a cold drink and sit down in front of the air conditioner. You turn it on, and everything is going great. Suddenly, a few hours later, you realize that no matter what you do, your system just won’t turn off.

First, you should check the power button on the unit. It’s possible that the button itself is broken. If you have a remote control, then you can use that to operate the unit until you get the button fixed. However, you should also check into the thermostat. If the problem lies there, then you’ve most likely found the reason your air conditioner won’t turn off. Now, other issues could exist as well, but this would be your first and best place to start investigating.

Investigating too far into your air conditioner is not always the best idea, however. You could end up damaging or entirely breaking parts of it as you’re trying to get to the issue. Not to mention, you could end up injuring yourself. Water and electricity provide a very dangerous mixture, you don’t want to get into a situation with these elements. Calling an air conditioning professional at this point is necessary before future damage is caused to you or the A/C unit.

In addition to the safety and practicality measures, failure to call a professional right away can cost you more money in the long-term. When your unit won’t turn off, your energy bill might be through the roof for the next month. Also, if you break the unit while trying to repair it, you’ll have to pay for the initial problem and the further damage that you caused. Depending on how severe the damage, you could very well end up having to pay to get an entirely new air conditioning system, all for what started off as a small problem.

Waiting to fix the unit isn’t a smart idea either because the problem could just exasperate, and, of course, you’ll still have to find a solution to deal with the heat. Instead of experiencing any of these unpleasant problems, give [company_name] a call today at [phone], so you can start to feel that pleasant breeze of a properly functioning air conditioner on a hot day once again.