5 Critical Air Conditioner Wiring Issues That Spell Disaster for Your AC Unit

Large appliances in your home pull a considerable amount of current from the main electrical panel. This electrical flow is controlled by several safeties, including breakers, electronic components, and insulated air conditioning wiring.

Your AC system, in particular, uses a lot of power to cycle on and off. If your unit has been poorly serviced, broken or frayed wires can quickly become a big problem for your home or within your business.

AC Issues You’ll Want to Address in Residential HVAC repair

Exposed Wiring

Your air conditioner typically has a split system, housing a section indoor and another one outdoors. When you look at either of these units, you’ll notice wires extending from the main housings. If you notice any exposed or frayed wires, they need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Electrical shorts quickly cause fires in your residence, or place of business, possibly smoldering for hours before its noticeable. Bare wires also allow moisture into the unit’s electrical system, causing even more damage to the air conditioner.

Intermittent Power

You might have faulty wiring if you notice intermittent operation. The outdoor fan may activate but quickly stops right after it strikes its peak speed. Air conditioners are outfitted with electrical defenses to stop functions when the current rises too high. Systems that cannot run smoothly are being interrupted by their own safety defenses to avoid overheating and potential fires.

Damaging Components

Some electrical issues are more subtle than others. The outdoor AC unit uses a very large capacitor, or electronic component, to control power to the fan. If you suddenly have these components breaking down within the system, there may be a small short that’s causing the issue. Due to the complexity of these issues, you will need to call on a professional air conditioner repair company that will understand the electrical components and check all the wires. For example, there could be a frayed wire within the walls.

Tripping Breakers

One of the easiest ways to know you have a faulty wire problem is tripping breakers. When the air conditioner pulls too much current from its dedicated circuit, the breaker will trip to protect the entire panel and your home. Without this automatic shutdown, a major fire could break out at any time. As your air conditioner expert, we would evaluate both the AC unit and the electrical panel to ensure that all parts are within specification.

The Thermostat

A simple improvement that many people do themselves is replacing the thermostat with a more modern model. However, the wiring behind the thermostat could be faulty. Wires barely touching, contacts or missing wire insulation is a recipe for an electrical disaster. A Professional should pull the thermostat to verify that all wiring is securely in place before moving forward. It may be necessary to follow the wiring through the wall and to the indoor unit. Broken or pinched wires could be hidden within the pathway, causing issues each time the system is activated.

If you think that your system may have a wiring issue, don’t hesitate to contact The Cooling Company immediately. We will evaluate your entire HVAC system to ensure that your home and family are safe. Electrical fires are extremely dangerous and can be avoided in most cases.