March 24, 2016

If your heating and cooling system is showing its age, ie. blowing insufficiently or the AC unit needing frequent repairs — that may also mean that high energy bills are draining your bank account. Meanwhile, your home probably isn’t as comfortable as it could be.

5 Reasons an HVAC System Upgrade Is a Good Investment

If your house has hot or cold spots, or if you find yourself freezing in the winter and sweating in the summer, you should consider replacing your AC unit and upgrading to a high-efficiency HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system.

It Will Cut Down On High Utility Bills

According to Energy Star, replacing your old, inefficient heating and cooling system with a high-efficiency model could save you at least $115-$200 annually. That’s not to mention the tax credits available to those who invest in energy efficiency.

In most cases there are government tax rebates you can take advantage of that will cut the initial costs of having a new HVAC system installed. These savings alone are a great reason to upgrade.

A New System Requires Far Less Maintenance

You know exactly when your furnace or air conditioner turns on because it sounds like a jet engine starting up. If it sounds like it’s struggling, like it costs the machine a huge effort just to run, it probably does. An older HVAC system naturally will break down more often in addition to running less efficiently than a new model. If you want to avoid the headache of constant repairs and maintenance (and quiet that deafening noise), an upgrade is a way to go.

Your Home Will Be More Comfortable

Thanks to 21st-century technology, a higher efficiency system will heat and cool your home better with less effort than an older system. This means more even heating, better controlled, constant temperatures, and airflow that is consistent.

The bottom line, if you find yourself needing to pile on the blankets in the winter and keep all the fans running in the summer, your HVAC system is not meeting your needs. You can increase your comfort within your home tenfold simply by upgrading to a high-efficiency HVAC system.

It’s Better for the Environment

The impact of a high-efficiency heating and cooling system on the environment is minimal as compared to an old, sluggish system chugging along on its last legs. A system with high efficiency simply works better and uses less fuel to operate, which in turn conserves energy. By upgrading, you’ll be doing your part to lessen your overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.

It Will Increase the Value of Your Home

As the HGTV blog notes, the combination of a high-efficiency HVAC system, a correctly programmed thermostat, proper insulation, and sealed ductwork equals a home that is not only energy-efficient but also higher in market value.

Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is already up to date and comfortable, versus having to make necessary repairs and replacements themselves. If you want to resell your home quickly for the best price possible, an upgraded heating and cooling system is a giant plus.

An HVAC Upgrade Just Makes Sense

Whether it’s for financial reasons or for comfort, whether you wish to be environmentally conscious or increase your home’s resale value, replacing your old furnace/air conditioner with a high-efficiency model is a wise choice.

While you’re being smart, make sure you choose an AC Company in Las Vegas that is dependable and trusted, like The Cooling Company. We service both residential and commercial properties and offer tune-ups to complete system overhauls.

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