November 16, 2015

A new heating and cooling system is a major investment for any household, but it’s critical to have one for those extreme weather days. From stifling heat to winter cold snaps, your new AC system must be designed and installed by true professionals.

Tips For Purchasing a New AC System

Follow these quick tips when purchasing a new AC unit for your home:

Educate Yourself on AC Terminology

In most cases, you will only purchase one AC system during your entire life. The process is unfamiliar, so it’s important to educate yourself about AC terminology before contacting any company for quotes. Learn about all of the acronyms, such as SEER, that apply to your potential system.

Your main concern as a consumer should be energy efficiency. Try to choose an AC model with a tested and verified efficiency measurement. Today’s models can save you a lot of money because their internal components run on less energy compared to old-fashioned products.

Hire Experienced Contractors

Always hire contractors who have extensive training and experience in the AC field. A perfectly reliable system can become a failing nightmare if it’s installed with improper techniques.

Ask friends and family for contractor referrals or even go online. Internet reviews are growing in popularity, and they allow you to see firsthand accounts of both good and bad project results. Reputable AC contractors will have certifications and numerous positive reviews from consumers.

Fix the Ductwork First

Even before an AC system is chosen, contractors should inspect the home first. They are looking at all of the ductwork that supports the AC unit. These pathways exist within walls and other structural cavities.

Ducts can crack or pull apart over time, and this damage contributes to increased energy use and poor interior temperature control. Contractors repair the ducts and realign them when necessary. In fact, a new AC installation is the perfect time to rework any ducting before the system is permanently set in place.

Sizing the HVAC System is Crucial

Experienced contractors take their time during project estimation because they must size the AC components. Your home’s square footage determines the size of your AC system. It must be able to cool and heat the interior space at a reasonable energy cost.

Systems that are too big will cost more to run, whereas small AC units won’t cool or heat the area efficiently. The unit may overheat from excessive use in these cases.

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