HVAC Cleaning: The Importance of Cleaning Your Unit

Maintaining a central air conditioning and heating system is a crucial task, especially for them to operate at peak efficiency. This is truly pertinent in the Las Vegas area where extreme temperatures can challenge an under-maintained system, pushing it to break down. When the unit fails completely, repair or replacement costs are far higher than what is charged for regular upkeep, which includes practices such as maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule, and checking parts like ductwork for any required repairs. Certainly, preventive maintenance is a more cost-effective option.

Many underestimate the significance of cleaning HVAC units. Not only can neglecting this task lead to decreased performance, it also increases operating costs over time. What’s even more alarming is the health implications it presents, as improper cleaning allows allergens and particles to contaminated the air in your living space. For these reasons, it’s necessary to keep your HVAC system clean and dust-free.

An air conditioning unit provides contentment and health by ensuring that the home environment is comfortable. It caters to the wellbeing of your family and guests during the sweltering summer months. Thus, if your cleaning schedule has been neglected and you haven’t carried out a comprehensive clean of your system in years, then it’s probable that an undesirable amount of dirt and debris has accumulated inside.

Importance Of Keeping The HVAC Unit Clean

Air conditioner systems recirculate large quantities of air throughout the residence or office. This air passes through a fan and an evaporator within a handler unit. If ductwork gets clogged with dust and grit, this air movement can be hindered, leading to poor circulation around the evaporator, and ultimately causing the coils to freeze. This hindrance forces the system to overwork, preventing the refrigerant from circulating back to the condenser unit. The consequences are improperly cooled air – a nightmare for any Las Vegas resident.

Despite diligent replacement of disposable filters, the evaporator coils can still become infiltrated with particles. Especially in indoor spaces where pets are present or dust buildup is common, air escaping around the filters traps residues of grit and hair against the coils. This, accompanied by the dampness from the coil’s sweat, results in a layer that hinders proper air flow and cooling.

Cleaning The Evaporator Coils

To prevent such dilemmas, professional cleaning of coils should be scheduled twice a year. This practice helps keep coils free from stubborn dirt buildup, thus enabling your HVAC unit to perform efficient air transport. Such cleanliness wards off moisture-laden air, full of bacteria, from infiltrating the ductwork. For example, New York City’s recent outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease was primarily due to bacteria accumulation in air conditioning ducts – a dire reason to emphasize regular system maintenance, as highlighted in our blog.

The outdoor condenser unit, another crucial component, harbors a large fan that cools both the condenser and the fan motor. Sometimes, repairs are necessary when parts like the motor get clogged with grit, the contactor points rust, or the capacitor unit fails. Regular maintenance on these units is critical to prevent failure during periods of extreme heat. Overheating causes the condenser to shut itself off, another situation preventive maintenance can successfully circumvent.In effect, the air will no longer be cooled by the refrigerant, a key part in the life of your HVAC system. To avoid having to recharge the refrigerant and replace the condenser motor, which serves as the filter where warm air passes through the fins, have this system inspected and cleaned at least once per year.

Condenser Unit Cleaning And Maintenance

For complete HVAC service, maintenance procedures, and repair work, call on the experts at The Cooling Company. Serving the entire Las Vegas area, and even booking emergency service appointments in outlying areas, The Cooling Company performs professional cleaning service on evaporator coils and air handlers, condenser motors and fans, and indoor duct networks.

Fixing problems in your HVAC system is necessary to ensure the comfort of your home and keep your family happy. Some people decide to spend more money on a better unit than they would on services. Over time, this can become quite costly. To avoid this, you should spend an hour every week cleaning your vents, louvers and other components. Paying attention to such posts on your HVAC unit maintenance might seem insignificant, but the difference it makes can be huge in terms of comfort and safety. Having clean air filters also helps to reduce your energy costs. If your air filters are dirty or clogged, this can be costing you anywhere from 5% to 15% in extra costs on your energy bills.

Cleaning Your Filters

Removing debris and dirt from your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system can also have health benefits. A clean unit can reduce the risk of illness while cutting down on your energy consumption. When the temperature starts to drop, you might see things like condensation building up on windowsills and porches. This moisture can lead to mold. So it’s vital that your home is adequately sealed and insulated. An appointment with a professional can assess and ensure this.

The AC drain pan is the receptacle for any liquid that flows from your central air conditioner during the summer. The best thing to do is to empty this pan whenever you have a chance. You’ll save yourself from having to call a plumber in the summer, a common occurrence when leaves start to fall off and the humidity rises.

Keeping the AC Drain Pan Clean

Drain pans are important components for maintaining clean homes. Your drain pans house the plumbing and wiring for your home. In addition, they keep toxic gases and moisture out of your home. In the winter months, this can be a crucial part of your system since condensation can build up on the pan and reduce its ability to conduct electricity. This can cause a lot of problems if you have open windows or if you let pets or children play in the yard during that time. Then in the summer, the drain pan catches any excess water that gets removed from your indoor air.

Despite popular opinion, cleaning your AC drain pan does not have to be a difficult task. If you notice that it is dirty, you only need some warm water, soap, and bleach. You can use a solution of half bleach and half water and pour this down your drain to clear any blockages. Then, to maintain it going forward, you can use drain pan tablets to keep it clear of any algae that could start growing there.

The result of cleaning the central AC drain pan will manifest itself in terms of both performance and energy cost savings. If you do not clean your central AC drain pan, your unit will accumulate hair, dust and other debris over time which lead to clogging of your unit as well as reduced efficiency of cooling system.

You can also remove hair or other debris from the central AC drain pan using one of these tools. These tools are designed to filter out obstructions, helping you keep your drain pan in service for a longer life.

Most people are unaware of the impact that air duct cleaning can have on their property. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to such areas in your HVAC system maintenance schedule. Regular appointments to have your ducts cleaned can extend the life of your unit and improve your overall health.Having a healthy indoor environment is a case of utmost importance as it helps to keep your building structurally sound as the seasons change. HVAC systems, such as the duct systems, can often gather dust and debris and as such, regular cleaning is a must for all homeowners and businesses that have them. This cleaning isn’t just to keep up appearances, it’s crucial for reducing allergies and helping your system function at its best. However, before you start, you should know the different types of duct cleaning so that you can choose the best option for you and your business. The best tips, in general, include cleaning the interior and exterior of your home’s structure using certified household cleaning products. And don’t forget about your phone! Brush over it lightly with a microfiber cloth to keep it sparkling clean.

  • A vacuum cleaner nozzle with an attachment that allows you to reach inside the unit for cleaning purposes.
  • A central AC drain cap cleaner (also known as “central defroster duct cleaning tool”) which can be purchased at most hardwares.

Keeping Your Ducts Clean

The task of duct cleaning is a unit of work that requires a specific skills and knowledge from the team carrying out the job. These skilled workers must be trained in methods, equipment, and chemicals involved with properly cleaning the space. Consider it like setting a thermostat: you wouldn’t want to do it with uneducated guesswork. This is one job that should indeed be performed by a professional contractor who will ensure the job is done right, without a tear or hitch the first time.

The importance of properly cleaning dirty air ducts cannot be understated. This is especially true if you live in an area prone to mold or mildew growth. Ensuring your air ducts are clean goes a long way in maintaining good indoor air quality. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends taking a garden hose to your outdoor unit to help keep it clean. If your ducts are not clean, you are essentially circulating various contaminants throughout your home or office multiple times per day.

Cleaning The Furnace

Cleaning a furnace, especially if it’s one that is located in an older house, is akin to a grand excavation. It’s not just about removing the dust and spiders that have made cosy homes in the cracks and crevices of the steel. You’ll also need to check all the hoses for leaks and replace any that are corroded from the heat generated by the furnace. Furnaces, particularly older ones, can have numerous nooks and crannies where filth can accumulate, leading to indoor air quality problems.

Furnaces don’t come cheap. They start at around $500 to $700, with the top models reaching over $1000. Their maintenance shouldn’t be taken lightly just because the original cost is a bit high. There are numerous ways in which you can spend your spare time cleaning your home’s heating and cooling systems. Using the right cleaning product can save you both time and money and keep it running without a hitch. The average lifespan of a furnace is about 15 years, but ensuring regular tune-ups and maintenance will keep it operating optimally throughout this time.


When all is said and done, don’t neglect your HVAC system. Much like a car, your HVAC unit needs to be tended to every once in a while so it runs smoothly and efficiently. Failing to clean your unit when needed could lead to reduced airflow within your home, and you leave yourself open for more serious issues down the line.

To keep your HVAC unit properly maintained and working efficiently, get into a habit of regular maintenance – you may be surprised at how much dirt you find in there! From a preventative maintenance standpoint, it’s important to not only clean your unit but also change your filters regularly. If you follow these two steps, you should see an improvement in the way your home is heated or cooled.

So, isn’t it about time you scheduled that professional HVAC inspection, right? Contact our brilliant team at TCC for 24/7 HVAC service and support.