Air Conditioning Myths: It’s That Time of Year Again

The heat is out of control this summer in most areas of the United States. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where the temperatures soar into the 100s and beyond. You need your air conditioning to be in amazing working order to combat those high temperatures. The heat dome has been particularly brutal this year, so using your air to its best ability is the way to go in fighting the blazing sun.

The fact is, there are common air conditioning myths linked to the area of air temperature control that, unfortunately, many misinformed adults hold onto, keeping you from optimizing the level of comfort and humidity in your home. Misconceptions about system maintenance, the matter of filters, refrigerants, energy usage, cycling of air, and even the role your ceiling fan plays are abound. But, in this case, we’re here to debunk these myths and provide clear tips for you. Whether it’s issues related to insulation or windows, we’ve got you covered. Armed with the right information that includes understanding the part different chemicals and technologies play, you will be less likely to damage your HVAC system or cause unwanted cold draft pockets and unnecessary problems. And this is not just about personal comfort, it’s about the health of your pets and the overall well-being of your family. It’s true, there’s nothing like knowing the facts – so check out this list of our top 5 air conditioning myths, a veritable menu of truths and corrective insights, that can help you manage your type of AC unit and your energy bills better.

5 Air Conditioning Myths Holding You Back

This is a huge myth, one that can result in a layer of dirt, contaminants, dust and other particles clogging your air filters—equivalent to a traffic jam in the ducts of your air conditioning unit. Such a situation is going to shorten the life of your air conditioning units and increase your energy bills. For all rooms in your space, during the offseason which isn’t very long in Las Vegas, you want to make sure your unit is maintained as part of a quality health solution to ward off germs and colds. Changing the air filters, cleaning the vents and managing the system’s moisture content are all critical parts of this job. Then, at the beginning of the hot season starting in March, you want to have your regularly scheduled home AC tune-up providing value to your system. A professional company technician will perform a comprehensive inspection and maintenance call to clean and ensure your unit, regardless of its size, is working properly for you, saving you money in the long run.

Myth #1: You Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

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Here’s something else you may not know: you should not succumb to the myth of turning off your air conditioning systems when leaving the house. Don’t do this. The truth is, it’s just going to require more energy for your air conditioning systems to work so much harder to get your temperature to the cool point that you like again. The intelligence of modern HVAC technology means your unit is capable of effectively cycling the cold air while managing refrigerant levels. Therefore, it’s better to turn it up a few degrees when you leave for an extended amount of time, so it doesn’t kick on as much, but don’t turn it off completely. Such actions can damage your HVAC system over time.

Myth #2: You Should Turn It Off When You Leave Your Home

Ceiling fans, contrary to popular belief, are not your air conditioning systems’ helpful cooling buddy, another misconception that needs to be debunked. Indeed, they do move the air around, but they aren’t working in tandem with your air unit in crucial solutions such as trapping the contaminants and effectively cycling the air. They just make you feel cooler by letting the draft created by the blades of the fan hit your skin. Therefore, when you leave the room, turn off your fans as they are only beneficial when you are present.

Myth #3: Ceiling Fans Will Help Your AC Run Better

Your air conditioner operates on a set cooling pattern. Brashly setting it way lower than normal isn’t going to put its technology to use and cool down the room any faster. Your best bet is to fix it at the temperature you desire the room to be at, and exercise some patience while you wait for it to balance out to your preference.

Myth #4: Put The Thermostat Really Low To Cool Your House Faster

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Another key piece of information: there is an ideal spot for the air conditioning unit, and it’s out of the sun. Try to find a shady spot that is out of the way from bushes and plants as well. You want the airflow through the unit to be uninhibited. Your efficiency, and subsequently your energy bill value, is notably compromised if it’s in the sun all the time and doesn’t have the required airflow.

Myth #5: You Can Install Your Air Unit Outside Anywhere

The Cooling Company is here to help if you have questions about your air conditioning system. With a good understanding of the job, we aim to ensure you, your pets and your family are cool and comfortable in those hot Vegas temperatures all year round. As part of our comprehensive service, we offer technical content on air conditioning systems and tips. We’re your one-stop-shop for anything and everything to do with the maintenance of your air conditioning. So, whether you’re in the market for an upgrade with a new unit, want to repair a lagging old one, or just need a yearly maintenance checkup, we’re here for you.