Are Your Programmable Thermostat Settings Correct?

With summer around the corner, setting programmable thermostat settings to keep your home comfortable without wasting energy and money is essential. You’ll be happy you did! Do You Know What a Programmable Thermostat Is? If not, don’t worry. We’re here to explain! A programmable thermostat is a device that allows you to turn the temperature […]

Benefits of an Automated Thermostat

Your home likely has a thermostat that is your lifeline in the summer and winter. You may be looking to repair or replace this thermostat. More advanced tech is developing every year, and you’ll want to take advantage of the new products available. These items can make the climate of your home more pleasant. For […]

What are the Types of Smart Thermostats?

Although you are most likely familiar with the types of HVAC systems currently available, you may be unaware that a new type of thermostat exists. Your thermostat accesses your system to ensure the temperature you have set is maintained. At [company_name], the majority of smart thermostats we’ve seen in Las Vegas need additional electric power. […]

Where’s the Best Placement for My Home Thermostat?

Thermostat Placement Problems Affecting Your HVAC Efficiency Your thermostat plays a crucial role in your home. It controls the heating and cooling system to adjust the temperature of your home to ensure comfort. You may have never considered that the actual placement of the thermostat could significantly affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. If […]

Should I Replace My Thermostat? What is the Cost?

Being a homeowner is a costly endeavor. We get it. When a home improvement or maintenance project comes up, your first thought is to run the numbers. We break down all of the factors that you’ll need to consider if you want to replace your thermostat on your air conditioner. When It’s Time to Replace […]

5 Signs of a Bad AC Thermostat that Signal Trouble

A broken or rapidly dying thermostat can lead to significant homeowner discomfort during summer and winter months. For Las Vegas homeowners, the lack of a functioning thermostat in summer is particularly unbearable. Avoid that frustration by listening to the symptoms. These warning signs may be telling you to call for AC repair before issues become […]

How To Test Your HVAC Thermostat

You depend on your AC to get through summer, so the last thing you want is to realize your AC unit isn’t working. Don’t call a technician just yet. Testing Your HVAC Thermostat There are a few steps you can take to determine whether the thermostat is the issue or if your air conditioning system […]

How Do I Lower My Energy Bill? Install a Programmable Thermostat

With summer just around the corner, you know your utility bills are going to skyrocket. The best setting for your AC system is one that will keep you and your family comfortable without wasting your hard-earned money by running your HVAC systems longer than necessary. No one wants to be uncomfortable when relaxing at home. […]

When Is It Time for an AC Tune Up?

AC Tune Up

An AC unit can feel like a lifesaver on those hot, sunny days, keeping your whole home cool and fresh. However, even the best systems need maintenance and an AC tune up from time to time. This guide will explore what an air conditioning tune up involves and how often you should get your AC […]