November 7, 2013

Attic insulation works in a very simple manner. All the insulation does is block the movement of a home’s heat or air. Attic insulation helps create energy efficiency in the home by blocking heat from escaping during the wintertime and heat from entering during the summertime. Heat naturally rises, therefore during the winter if a home’s attic is not insulated the heat will naturally rise to the attic. During the summer, attic insulation keeps horrifically warm temperatures from pushing down into the living area, of the home from the attic, which is especially important in the extreme heat of Las Vegas.

Reduced efficiency is one of the biggest issues when an attic is not insulted or is not properly insulated. During the winter heat will rise to the attic and appear to just keep going. If the winters are extremely cold, it can become very difficult to keep a home warm without attic insulation. Keeping the house warm without the insulation will use an excessive amount of energy.

During the summer months, if the attic is not insulated, it will be difficult to keep a house cool. The heat from the attic will push down into the living area of the home and cause the energy bill to increase dramatically from the excess usage of the air conditioning unit. If the attic of a home is insulated but is not properly insulated, gaps can allow heat to rise to the attic or come down from the attic in milder forms than if it were not insulated at all.

Decreased comfort comes in the forms of being too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter. Homeowners are supposed to be comfortable in their own homes, therefore, attic insulation is a very simple, yet important feature to have.

If your home does not have attic insulation, or is insulated but still hard to keep the proper temperature, The Cooling Company can take care of you. Our team of professionals can install or patch insulation that is not properly installed to help you enjoy the comfort of your own home once again.

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