August 2, 2016

You depend on your HVAC unit to create a comfortable environment for you and your family. No one likes dealing with a stuffy and uncomfortable home when the temperature rises, so it can be very frustrating when your HVAC stops working properly. While you may think that a malfunctioning HVAC unit means you have to call in the professionals, many common HVAC problems can be diagnosed without any prior training.

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6 Easy-to-Troubleshoot HVAC Issues

These basic issues require no special equipment or certifications to identify, and some of them can even be fixed by the homeowner without professional assistance. Troubleshooting these problems can help you enjoy a fully functional HVAC unit without paying for a professional repair.

1. Dirty Filters

You can have the most modern and robust air conditioning system available, but dirty filters can negatively impact the way the unit works. Common HVAC problems usually stem from a lack of air conditioning system maintenance and failing to change your filters often enough can negatively impact your HVAC unit’s performance. Clean filters allow the air to circulate better and help your home cool down quicker.

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2. Ignition Problems

If your HVAC unit has trouble starting up, you may be experiencing ignition problems. Pilot lights, igniters, and certain electrical components may need to be replaced. You can troubleshoot these issues yourself by understanding which parts your HVAC unit uses. While a professional may need to be called in to replace the part, you can save time and money by making the diagnosis yourself.

3. Thermostat Settings

Though it may seem obvious, many common HVAC problems are related to thermostat settings. If your settings are incorrect, it can influence the way your HVAC performs. Many modern thermostats utilize digital controls to help users set up their own personal configurations. You can even control your unit remotely utilizing these devices.

4. Wear and Tear

Every HVAC unit is susceptible to wear and tear. Even if you service the unit regularly, you may notice that its performance has diminished over time. If you can diagnose this type of problem early on, professional HVAC technicians may be able to help you repair the unit or replace certain components to return it to working order.

5. Uneven Cooling

You may discover that while your HVAC unit cools part of your home, it has trouble reaching others. This issue may not be with the unit itself but may have to do with sealing issues that allow cold air to escape from your home. If you can find the location of your home that remains stuffy even when your AC unit is on, you may be able to seal it off to create more efficient and even airflow.

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6. Issues with Coils

Many HVAC units use coils, and these components play a large part in how the units function. If you notice that your coils seem to be corroded or at risk of breaking apart, it may be time to call in the professionals. While some of these issues can be handled by any homeowner, others require professional attention. But by diagnosing these common problems yourself, you can save yourself an appointment and get the solution you need for your HVAC unit quicker.

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