Why Give Us a Review?

We here at [company_name], have loads of confidence in our expert technicians. We work hard to make sure that our employees have the abilities, skills, and knowledge to make every customer’s experience with our company a great one!

What’s even more important to us is that the technicians have that confidence in themselves. The way we’ve been able to make this happen is with continual feedback from our wonderful customers. Every piece of customer feedback is an opportunity for our technicians. Every good review is a cause for celebration and a learning experience as to what they did right. On those occasions when we see a less than favorable review, few though they may be, is an opportunity to learn what could have been done to make the customer’s experience better.

I’m sure you would agree, everyone likes being appreciated for what they do. We appreciate our employees, however, it’s the feedback they receive from the customers in the field that really makes our team smile and continues to strive for excellence.

Take this recent review for example: “The technician Ray was great. He was on time. He explained everything and gave me a repair price before starting work. He worked quickly and efficiently. He cleaned up the repair area when he was done. He was very professional and also personable. I wish the other service technicians I’ve dealt with recently were as professional. He gave me a written proposal on my other air conditioner by the next day just as he promised. I would definitely recommend [company_name] to my friends and family. I heard from my co-worker that their other technicians are on the same level as Ray.” ~ Julius A. 9/12/13

The ultimate mission of [company_name] is to provide our customers with the highest quality products… serviced by only top professionals who care about our end users. We encourage all of our customers to give feedback on their experience with us. There is no better way to know what we’re doing right and what we could do better.

[company_name]y is here to serve you… “It’s All About Your Comfort!”