July 14, 2014

People often think that bigger is better and more power is the best choice. However, this isn’t always the case with heaters and air conditioners. In fact, the extra size of an air conditioner can drive up your electric bill and lead to a shorter lifespan. Before you buy the largest AC unit that you can find, here are a few points to consider.

Fast Cycling

Larger air conditioners power up fast and blow an incredible amount of air through the home. They cool the temperature fast and then shut down just as quickly. When the temperature raises up again in 15 or 20 minutes, the cycle is repeated. However, air conditioners are designed to run like the tortoise rather than the hare. They’re meant to gradually cool the space to minimize the starting upcycle. As the unit cycles on and off, it wears down faster. The end result is an air conditioner that has to be replaced sooner and higher repair bills.

Humidity Considerations

The air in a home can be cooled quickly, but it takes longer to remove the humidity. When the unit kicks on and shuts down just as fast, it doesn’t have time to effectively remove the extra moisture from the air. Extra water in the air makes you feel warmer, so the home won’t be as comfortable even though the temperature is lower. You need the smaller system that will continue running to effectively dry the humidity and ensure that you’re comfortable.

More Power

When more power is available in a system, more power is drawn from the grid. The unit is still running constantly because it’s cycling every time the temperature rises a few degrees. In the end, you’re going to see your air conditioning bill rising rather than shrinking.

The Noise

Consider the noise of an air conditioner starting up. It’s jarring at first. You get used to it after a few minutes, but you realize how loud it was as soon as the unit shuts down. This isn’t a problem for smaller units that turn on, run for several hours and then don’t turn on again for a while. It’s very annoying with a larger, louder unit that’s constantly turning on and off.

Hot and Cold Spots

The air conditioner is controlled by the thermostat. This is usually in a hallway or another area in the central part of the house. Outlying rooms that are further from the air conditioner won’t receive much ventilation before the entire system shuts down again. The result is hot and cold spots that leave everyone feeling uncomfortable.

It’s far more important to have a unit that’s properly sized for the house than to have one with more power. The right system will run efficiently, cool the house effectively, and provide you with years of reliable service. Call The Cooling Company today to ask for a home inspection and consultation to see what size is right for your property and needs at (702) 567-0707.

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