November 21, 2013

At some point in time, a homeowner may have to consider purchasing a new furnace. While this may seem intimidating for so many reasons, it does not have to be. The biggest consideration is whether to go with an electric or gas heating unit. While a gas furnace will tend to be less costly, there are other factors to consider and aspects of choosing the right heater system for your home.

Difference Between Gas and Electric Heating Systems
When it comes to safety, the electric furnace has an advantage because it does not require a flame to operate and does not produce any carbon emissions. A gas furnace uses fuel, which produces flames and emissions. Higher quality gas furnaces make use of exchangers that contain emissions and then push them out of a house by way of a vent.

Heater Brands
When shopping for a heater, it is best to select a brand that has a strong reputation for quality and reliability, like the Lennox brand, carried at The Cooling Company, as this will save money over the long term. Anyone who is uncertain as to what brand is best should consult with a heating professional for advice.

Furnace Efficiency
Gas furnaces are given an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. This determines how well the furnaces use fuel. The federal government requires all gas furnaces to operate at 78 percent efficiency or better. A highly efficient unit can rate at 96 percent.

Comfort Levels
Along with being efficient, a good heater will have certain features related to comfort. This is accomplished by either a two-speed furnace or one that uses variable capacity. Two-speed models are generally quieter, as they run at a slower pace. A variable capacity unit automatically adjusts for air volume and speed. This type of furnace can also reduce warm weather utility costs by using a fan.

Noise Factors
Furnaces are not rated for noise like heat pumps and air-conditioners. In general, variable capacity and two-speed furnaces have very quiet operation as compared to standard furnace units, because they run for longer time periods. Reducing the difference in temperature in a variable capacity furnace will eliminate the creaky expansion noises that can occur during temperature shifts.

Las Vegas homeowners can find the answers to all their heating system needs and determine if their home is equipped for both gas and electric by calling The Cooling Company at (702) 567-0707 or filling out their Online Estimator.

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