March 3, 2014

An air conditioner is a surprisingly complex piece of machinery, which is one reason it costs so much more to cool down a house than to heat it up. The task of the air conditioner is to remove heat from the air and vent it outside. The task of the air conditioner is to remove heat from the air and vent it outside.
The condenser coil is a device that transfers heat between one medium to another. An A/C condenser coil is made up of a system of tubes and is filled with a refrigerant liquid. A chiller in the condenser coil cools the liquid and it moves through the condenser tubing. There, it’s converted into a gas, which is then distributed through the air conditioning system. The refrigerant then gives up the heat and returns to a liquid state, and ideally, the cycle continues in a closed system.

It’s important that the condenser is maintained and kept clean if it’s to work efficiently or work at all. Because of the refrigerant, it contains, the condenser coil needs to be serviced by an HVAC professional such as those at The Cooling Company. However, a homeowner can perform regular maintenance on the condenser coils by keeping them clean and making sure that debris like old leaves and weeds are kept clear of the air conditioner’s condenser unit. Air must always be able to circulate freely around the condenser coil. Additionally, a homeowner can use a cleaner specifically made for condenser coils and gently use a special brush to clean the condenser coil’s delicate fins.

As a homeowner in the Las Vegas valley if you need condenser coil service, or just want to have your A/C unit serviced, you should not hesitate to give The Cooling Company of Las Vegas a call at (702) 567-0707. We offer free customer estimates and are available 24/7 to handle your unforeseen emergencies.

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