January 14, 2014

As the weather cools and winter sets into full force, making sure your furnace is running properly is critical. A furnace with issues is a greater risk than an inconvenience to your checkbook or an improperly heated home. Fault furnaces can pose a serious risk to health and safety. Issues with a furnace during cold winter months can be as benign as causing respiratory problems due to poor air quality, or as serious as Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Risks to your home itself can be as serious as a fire. By making sure to be aware of these warning signs, having a regular inspection and HVAC maintenance service you can rest with more ease:

While you should see an increase in your utility bill during colder months, an abnormally large or small bill can indicate that your furnace is running too much or too little. The place to start is double-checking your thermostat settings. If everything looks normal there is a good chance your furnace is beginning to wear out.

Pilot Lights
A normal pilot light burns a pale blue. Any change in your pilot light in which the color begins to appear more yellow or very yellow means there is a problem. While there is the obvious nuance of a blue flame burning hotter, the change is actually due to a change in the gases being burned. Since this issue involves a problem with the gas system in your furnace it is important to contact a technician as soon as possible.

Slow Start or Failure to Turn On
A very obvious issue itself, the cause can be somewhat elusive. Potential causes can range from an electrical issue with the thermostat, bad wiring, or total failure of the furnace itself. This is another issue that demands the attention of a technician. Even if the furnace still manages to get started and run, the problem will very likely worsen.

Other issues certainly can occur, but these three represent very common indicators of a problem. Don’t wait to deal with the issue. Putting off fixing your furnace at the very least can lead to total failure of the system. Not only will this mean paying to replace the entire unit, but it could also lead to other major issues like frozen pipes. As mentioned, other serious risks could become a reality if a faulty furnace is not fixed.

If you are experiencing trouble or have any concerns about your furnace contact The Cooling Company today. Our expert technicians will ensure that your furnace is running properly and do our utmost to make sure any potential problems are identified and fixed promptly and effectively.

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