February 12, 2014

When people are shopping around for an HVAC System company there are a number of aspects which they must take into consideration. Some elements of the search for a good heating and cooling system are more obvious, but one step which is often overlooked in the search for a Comfort or Performance Guarantee. As the name suggests, these types of guarantees don’t have to do with the system breaking down per se, but rather they have to do with how it will perform – how comfortable a room’s temperature will be – when the system is up and running.

When in the market for a new HVAC system, many people will choose to have it installed during a more mild season, sometimes several months before they actually need it. (After all, nobody wants to be waiting around for their A/C to be installed on the first 90+ degree day of the season!) By making sure you have a Comfort Guarantee on your system, you will know what level of cooling or heating efficiency you can expect to get from it long before that first unbearably hot or freezing cold day puts it to the test!

An example of a Performance or Comfort Guarantee would be:

Heating Comfort Guarantee: 20 degrees outside, 70 degrees inside.
Cooling Comfort Guarantee: 100 degrees outside, 70 degrees inside.

If you ask your HVAC professional about this type of guarantee, listen to their answer very carefully! Many companies that do not have a Performance or Comfort Guarantee may try to convince customers that their warranty covers this, claiming that if the system stops working it will be replaced, fixed, etc. Warranties, however, typically only cover the replacement of the system and/or parts if it breaks down, and occasionally reinstallation if it is not installed properly. Most standard warranties do not include a Performance or Comfort Guarantee!

If you want to be sure that you’re getting a system that will perform well and keep your room comfortable ideal temperature and leave you with peace of mind all year round. Make sure you place a call to The Cooling Company at (702) 567-0707 about our Performance or Comfort Guarantee!

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