July 31, 2013

Avoid Illness…

When temperatures soar for several days, people may begin to feel dizzy, weak or lethargic… overall uncomfortable. A heatwave is a dangerous weather condition that requires safety measures to prevent serious health issues especially for elderly individuals and those with medical conditions. Understanding the health hazards from extreme heat is vital for preventing life-threatening situations. Trying to stay cool with circulating fans, cold showers or air conditioning is highly recommended to avoid a heat stroke or even worse, death. Individuals without access to climate-controlled devices should seek shelter from relatives, friends or public shelters and facilities.

A huge health risk during a heatwave is dehydration, which usually causes individuals to feel lethargic or dizzy. During normal temperatures, it is necessary to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. A heatwave will deplete the body’s moisture content more quickly. A great way to measure if the body is dehydrated is if the mouth or throat feels very dry, sometimes referred to as cottonmouth. When an individual feels thirsty, that is an indication that the body is already dehydrated. In addition to drinking more water, people can consume fruit and vegetables for their moisture content. An individual can also drink caffeine-free sport or soft drinks to reduce the effects of dehydration.

Individuals with respiratory difficulties such as asthma or allergies are of specific concern during this time. An intense heatwave may cause them to experience more breathing problems than normal. During hot weather, pollen and smog often increase leading individuals to need more medication to alleviate asthma and respiratory attacks. Remaining in an air-conditioned environment makes it easier to breathe because the filter of the device helps to prevent allergens from entering a building, and thus entering the body. Using a specialized filter is also frequently necessary or recommended in an air-conditioned environment.

An additional health hazard exists for individuals with heart disease during extremely hot weather. When the body is overheated, the heart must work harder often leading to chest pains for people with heart problems. The prescription medications used by heart disease patients can also reduce the body’s ability to dissipate heat naturally. Individuals with heart conditions may experience headaches, nausea or muscle cramps. One of the best ways to remain safe throughout a heatwave is by continually using the air conditioning in your home and/or businesses.

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