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Lead Technician

Ray is 29 years old, loves to eat and enjoys traveling with his wife. He loves to play basketball and used to be a varsity of table tennis “ping pong”. Ray’s story of how he started his career as a field HVAC technician began back when he was young. He didn’t really care about what was in his future. He thought he was content with working in a warehouse until the recession back in 2008 hit and he lost his job. Ray finally sat down and discussed his future plans with his girlfriend who supported his choice to go back to school. On that day everything fell in place. After Ray graduate school he married the love of his life. The following year Ray started his new career as an installer and then a service technician. He worked his way up to a Comfort Advisor in order to ensure that every customer was educated and received top of the line service and equipment.

Ray is so proud to work for The Cooling Company because of his background in family business and because of the amazing team he shares his day with. Ray is enthusiastic to reach and help as many people as he can so that everyone is comfortable and stress free when it comes to heating and cooling!


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