Irving Aurelio Fuentes’ passion to persevere and work hard began early- ever since he was first interested in soccer. Even as a freshman, he played on varsity. By his sophomore year in high school, Irving year the opportunity to be scouted for a club team in Mexico. He made the team and was in the second division for two years before moving to the states to pursue a professional league. Although things may not have ended up as he expected, two beautiful children were made- Aiyana and Aurelio. After hitting the ground running, and doing much hard work for the Pepsi corporation- Aurelio found another opportunity to branch out and enhance his skills in the field of installing HVAC.

Over 7 years ago, we welcomed Aurelio to our family here at The Cooling Company. He loves being an installer and is happiest when he’s working alongside others. He believes in getting the job done right the first time, wakes up before the sun most days to ensure all projects go off without a hitch. He loves having the opportunity to grow and continue learning as he cements a position for himself as a full-time technician. He knows he found his fit with TCC and loves the people he works with.


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