August 14, 2014

Replacing your air conditioner can be an expensive decision (at least in the short term). Therefore, many homeowners try to keep their older system for as long as possible before it breaks down. Eventually, though, all air conditioning units will need to be replaced.

Is now the right time to replace your old or broken air conditioning system? We offer a few points to consider as you make this important decision for your home.

How Efficient Is Your Current System?

Even when a system can be repaired, this is not always the most cost-effective decision. Newer systems on the market are significantly more energy-efficient than older models. In some cases, you may be able to reduce the energy consumption associated with cooling the home by half when you replace your system. In 2006, a new federal law passed that required all new AC units to be built with energy-efficiency technology. If your AC unit pre-dates 2006, then it is not energy-efficient.

What Is the Quality of Your Air Ducts?

Over time, air ducts get damaged or leak. Today, the quality of air ducts has improved to enhance energy efficiency and performance. Most homeowners will have some ductwork completed at the time the AC unit is replaced. If your air ducts are in poor condition, replacing the AC unit is the route to take.

What Types of Repairs Are Needed?

Another point to consider relates to the type of repair work required and the cost. If your system requires a small repair that can easily be completed with minimal time and effort, completing the repair work may be cost-effective. However, when an AC specialist tells you that the repair work is only a temporary fix to the problem or if the work will be costly and time-consuming, replacing the system with a new system under warranty may be advisable. Your technician can provide you with more information about this.

What is the Cost of a Replacement?

When you have your air conditioning system inspected by an HVAC company, request two quotes: one for repair, the other for replacement. Consider the cost of the unit, the labor, ductwork, insulation or re-sealing the house. With this information, you can decide what fits your budget in the short-term and long-term. The newer AC systems might cost more upfront, but they save you more money on utility bills as the years go by.

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