September 17, 2013

During the hot months of the Vegas summer and fall, air conditioners are wearing down. For frequent and long stretches of time, these units quietly work in the background providing the building or home with the cool air the occupants need and desire. Subtle signs start to manifest themselves that something is amiss with the unit. The cycles last longer. A slight rise in noise and perhaps an alternating drone announces its presence. These are a few of the signs that the AC may have a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant is a vital component in an air conditioner. Without it, the unit will not work properly. Air conditioners will not perform optimally unless the unit is fully charged. The following are some of the ways a low refrigerant level can affect your household

* Considerable Decrease in Unit Life

* The presence of higher Energy Bills

* Unit running on longer Cycle Times

* Unit Can Not Keep Up With Demands.

These conditions will result in a bloated budget and a warmer house. The cost that it takes for a trained service professional to check on the levels before, during, or after the high usage season will be recouped quickly.

HVAC professionals are vital in determining what type of refrigerant the unit is charged with. Catastrophic results can occur to the building and the people in it if different types of refrigerants are mixed. Once the proper refrigerant is determined and obtained, leak seeking can begin.

Leak seeking is a talent that is honed by years of experience. The coils, valve, and access port are all be possible locations for the exposure of refrigerant to open atmosphere. Once found the training allows for a quick determination if an on-site repair can be done. These same professionals have the know-how to rapidly obtain a new part, replace it, and charge the entire unit. The turnaround time is minimal with a quality HVAC service company.

Urgent and important both apply to refrigerant leaks. Now is the time for action and to place a call to The Cooling Company of Las Vegas. Trained professionals await your call. The comfort in the building and the health of your budget are at risk from an air conditioner that is suffering a refrigerant leak.

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