My Air Conditioner Is Loud. Help!

The summer months are here and if you live in the Las Vegas area, you know that it means temperatures soar. A working AC unit is a crucial component to enjoying summer activities. Noise is often the first indicator that something is wrong. This post aims to help you identify some of the common causes and solutions if your air conditioner is loud.

Rattling noises

AC units may begin to rattle if the fan is not working properly. Many times, this is caused by debris within the unit. Fixing this issue is relatively simple. Open the air conditioner unit and find the fan. Look for any loose debris that may have fallen into the vents during operation and remove it.

Loose or bent fan blades may also cause this type of noise. Tightening the screw at the hub will fix the issue. If the blades are bent, it is possible to bend them back into position with your hands. It is important to note that fan blades are fragile, so be certain to use a gentle touch when handling them.

Additionally, the vibration of a working AC unit may cause screws inside to loosen or fall out. Regularly inspecting your unit for loose or missing screws and replacing or tightening them as needed may prevent this type of noise from interfering with your enjoyment of the summer months.

Grinding Noises

If your AC is producing a grinding noise, it may simply mean that the motor requires lubrication. You can easily do this at home by adding SAE- 10 oil to the oil ports. SAE-10 oil is a type of motor oil you can purchase in your local automotive store. Adding oil to the motor at the beginning of each summer season is an easy way to prevent this problem.

Harsh Humming

Bent coil fins may be the cause of humming noises. Coil fins are the aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils. Unfortunately, these are easily bent. Purchasing a simple tool called a “fin comb” to help you to gently comb these fins back into their normal position will result in a quieter, better operating system.

In the event that these steps do not solve noise issues with your AC unit, there is help available. The Cooling Company is dedicated to keeping Las Vegas cool. We provide 24/7 AC repair services to both commercial and residential customers. If we are unable to repair your AC unit, The Cooling Company offers a wide range of cooling systems.