July 28, 2016

The efficiency of your air conditioning system and the energy consumption levels of your boiler system and furnace are key determinants of your home energy bills. You can decrease your energy bills by about 25% if you run efficient appliances or instantly increase your runtimes and energy costs if your systems are not on a regular HVAC maintenance plan.

Getting your AC ready for summer would basically entail proactive system maintenance, regular maintenance and a comfortable and healthier system environment for a properly functioning AC system.

Top 3 Steps to Getting Your AC Ready for Summer

1. Clean Ductwork Indoors

Hire a professional to clean your ductwork, which is usually hidden either within walls or ceilings. Remove the duct registers to enable you to inspect the ductwork to wipe all the visible parts clean and dry. Inspect its various parts for any water damage or wear.

Accumulation of moisture in the duct can damage the system by harboring the growth of fungus and mold. Call a professional immediately to fix any water damage spotted on your AC unit. Since your unit can malfunction due to various reasons, let a professional work on it.

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2. Inspect Outdoor Unit Fan Belts for Faults and Conduct Regular Maintenance

Inspect your outdoor unit fan belts regularly to determine if they need any replacement or adjustment. You can purchase parts compatible with your system in local home improvement or hardware stores. These parts can help lower your energy bills because they optimize your air conditioning system to perform efficiently.

Schedule your inspections to take place at regular intervals. It could be after every two or three months, and in this case, just before summer.

3. Run Scheduled Professional Pre-Season Tune-Up

Your air conditioning system needs regular inspection, tune-up, and maintenance. Your system can be easily fixed, unclogged or even upgraded by a licensed contractor with the right know-how and tools needed to get the job done. This helps ensure that issues are identified and fixed early before it’s too late, in addition to efficiently running the HVAC system.

The regular tune-ups can be carried out every season as minimal investments aimed at prolonging your system’s life with regular performance.

Other Things You Can Do

In summer, the months are very hot, hence the necessity of keeping your home cool. In addition to the three tips discussed above, you can also keep the outdoor unit clean by regularly changing or cleaning the filter every month to unclog it for optimal operation.

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It is also important to know your air conditioning system, how it works, and its various parts. This will ease regular maintenance and facilitate issue communication between you and the professionals who will be ensuring that your unit works properly.

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