June 15, 2015

There is never a good time for an air conditioner in your home to fail; however, if you are looking at volatile weather conditions, the situation can become downright unbearable. You turn on your AC one day to find that it is not blowing cool air. You don’t know why your AC is not working. However, you do know that it’s HOT and you need relief.

We are here to give you the inside scoop on the possibilities.

First of all, make sure that air is actually coming out of the supply vents. If you hear noise when you turn on your AC but there is no air flow, then you may be experiencing an old fashioned dust and grime buildup. Have your AC professionally cleaned and change your filter. Overall, try to change your filter at least once every two months in order to keep this situation from happening again.

If you turn on your air conditioner and you do have an air flow into the house, then you may want to look at the thermostat fan setting. Make sure that the setting is “auto,” not “on,” as the latter setting may cause your AC to blow air even if it is not cooled air.

If you have a hybrid AC unit with parts that are inside and outside, check the outside part of the unit. It may be clogged because of a windstorm event or because animals have taken residence there. Any number of things can happen in nature, so be sure that you have a clean outside unit before you move on to any more in-depth research. If you find anything in the airflow vents of your outside AC unit, simply clean what you can and get a professional to deep clean it if that becomes necessary.

If all of the airways are clean, you may actually have a refrigerant leak in your AC unit.

This is a problem that a professional has to look at; do not attempt to change the refrigerant or fix the leak yourself. Most refrigerants are somewhat toxic and must be handled in a very careful manner.

If you find that there is no electricity going through your air conditioner, then you may want to check the electric switches that move through your AC unit. You will need to check the fuses in your circuit breaker, the air handler on your inside unit and the compressor on your outside unit.

Do not hesitate to call your AC experts at The Cooling Company if you have any questions or need help. Even if you need a brand-new air conditioning unit, you will be able to get one through The Cooling Company at a cheaper price than virtually anyone else on the market.

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