Is Your Air Conditioner Stretching Your Monthly Utility Budget?

Homeowners will often converse with one another over their increasing monthly bills and expenses. Comparisons of how much respective utility costs will reveal a relevant fact. That fact is simple, people who have similar size homes may often see a radical difference in their electric bills, which is not due to family usage alone. The hotter Las Vegas months will emphasize these gaps. Often the culprit is revealed as being an improperly sized air conditioning unit.

More power is an often overused phrase that works to the detriment of those who purchase air conditioners. Eager salespeople play on the fears of customers that when called upon insist the cool air can not be delivered by anything but the most costly of units. The prime goal of these service industry workers is to bolster profits at the expense of the consumer. They go away with your money and you have a unit that will perform at the cost of exaggerated monthly bills.

There is also a costly assumption in regards to ventilation issues with used homes. People have a tendency to not question the present units condition and capacity when the home is purchased. The utility bill is the main indicator that something may be amiss. Constant or prolonged cycling of the unit can mean that the air conditioner is on its last leg or that it’s not optimal for the size and/or design of the home.

The mathematics of equating the load needed for a home is based on a litany of factors. Professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service person is the expert at gathering all the key factors to use in the complex equation. The following are just a few of the considerations that affect the final number.

  • Ductwork Considerations
  • Location of Heat Producing Appliances
  • Size and Location of Windows
  • Type and Thickness of Insulation

This exact equation is solved by the determination of a myriad of factors that a qualified professional can best quantify. The end results will reveal the ideal match for your home in regards to air conditioning size.

If this number is drastically different than the value of your existing unit then your household budget will bloat until this is fixed. By simply contacting the HVAC professionals at The Cooling Company, you turn the tide against escalating monthly utility bills.