December 15, 2016

Today, in cities such as Las Vegas where temperatures during the summer can easily go over 100 degrees, it is not debatable whether having air conditioning systems is a luxury or a necessity. Gone are the days when only a few homes could afford installing an AC system in their homes to regulate indoor temperatures. With advancements in technology and the real effects of global warming coming to life, almost every home and apartment, especially in the southern states, needs an air conditioning system.

Is Air Conditioning a Luxury?

An article in the Washington Post suggesting that people don’t really need air conditioning was met by hostile uproars from many individuals, particularly those from the southern states. Air conditioning is such a necessity in states such as Las Vegas, and at times it can be a matter of life and death especially for the elderly and individuals with certain medical conditions.

Reasons Why Air Conditioning Is a Necessity:

    • 1.

The threat of heatstroke

    • . According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, air conditioning is the leading protective factor against heat-related illnesses and death. So many, people die in the United States every year because of these heat-related diseases. In Las Vegas, when temperatures rise to above 100 degrees in the summer, many residents (especially children below the age of 4, overweight individuals, sick persons, and elderly adults) often stand the risk of suffering heat-related illnesses that result in death. Therefore, in order to avoid such risks, Las Vegans are advised to stay in air-conditioned areas during the excessively hot days.

2. Dehydration and passing out. Many cases have been reported during the summer weather in Las Vegas of people passing out because of the excessive heat. Too much heat causes the body to sweat excessively and become dehydrated. Most people with certain medical conditions as well as the elderly cannot put up with such temperatures. Air conditioners are designed to avert this. With smart thermostats to keep the temperature levels automatically regulated at all times, everyone can stay safe no matter how hot the weather gets.

3. Improved indoor air quality. Air conditioners are designed to help circulate filtered air in homes, offices, industries, and more. This air is free from dirt and dust particles, microorganisms, smoke, and bacteria. Today, there is so much pollution in the air that we end up breathing in harmful particles which can lead to allergies and conditions such as asthma. But with an air conditioning system, a healthy environment is created inside a room and the health of the occupants improved. It is for this reason that air conditioning systems are a great necessity for indoor air quality in senior care homes and medical facilities nationwide, let alone Las Vegas.

4. Improved workforce efficiency. If you want your workforce to perform optimally in the hot summer weather of Las Vegas, better realize that air conditioning is a necessity here. According to Scientific American, there is a proven scientific basis that bodies experience some mental sluggishness when it’s too hot. This is because the body uses up too much energy trying to cool itself and ends up lowering a worker’s activeness on their job. But with air conditioning, people can work at cool temperatures and therefore remain active all day long.

The arguments against air conditioning’s impact on the environment may be strong, but newer HVAC products with higher energy efficiency and SEER ratings are coming out, reducing the impact these systems have. A homeowner can still be environmentally conscious while recognizing the necessity for air conditioning here in Las Vegas as long as they shop smart.

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