September 9, 2015

A central air conditioning and heating system must be properly maintained in order for it to operate at peak efficiency. This is particularly true in the Las Vegas area where extreme heat can cause an overworked, under-maintained system to break down. When the unit fails completely, repair or replacement costs are far higher than what is charged for periodic HVAC system maintenance.

Importance Of Keeping The HVAC Unit Clean

Air conditioner systems move large quantities of air throughout the home or office. This air is recirculated, meaning that it is reused by the system. A fan operates above or below a handler unit that contains evaporator coils. As refrigerant moves through the evaporator, the draw from the fan brings room air through the handler. This chilled air passes through the ducts and out through the room registers.

If the ducts become clogged with dust and grit, air movement is slowed. This can lead to poor air movement in and around the evaporator as well, the result is frozen coils. The system will become overworked because the refrigerant cannot circulate back to the condenser unit. The air will not cool properly, and this is a nightmare that no Las Vegas resident wants.

Cleaning The Evaporator Coils

Even with the proper replacement of disposable filters, the evaporator coils will eventually become clogged. In indoor environments where pet hair is shed or where dust buildup is common, the air that escapes around the filters will trap residues of grit and hair against the coils themselves. Because the coils sweat a little each time the unit is in cool mode, the result is a soggy, matted mass that prevents the air from flowing through the coils and cooling properly.

Professional cleaning of the coils should be done twice a year. This keeps the coils free of dirt buildup and makes for much more efficient air transport throughout the system. It also prevents moist air laden with bacteria from entering the duct network. Failure to keep the ducts free of bacteria can result in dangerous diseases being spread throughout the home or office. The recent outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in New York City was caused primarily because of bacteria buildup in air conditioning ducts.

Condenser Unit Cleaning And Maintenance

The outdoor condenser unit has a large fan that cools both the condenser and the fan motor. Sometimes the motor can fail because it becomes clogged with grit, the contactor points become rusted, or the capacitor unit fails. Periodic maintenance on these units is critical in order to avoid condenser failure during periods of extreme heat. If the condenser becomes overheated, it will shut itself off, and the air will no longer be cooled by the refrigerant. To avoid having to recharge the refrigerant and replace the condenser motor, have this system inspected and cleaned at least once per year.

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