January 10, 2021

As temperatures drop during winter, one thing is sure. You are more likely to feel some more physical effects than the cold. Both outdoor and indoor air normally becomes drier in the winter.

Cold or freezing temperatures make it harder for the air in your home to hold moisture. As a result, humidity begins to drop. And then low humidity’s adverse effects begin to set in.

It can be beneficial to have a humidification unit installed. These systems help maintain acceptable levels of humidity in your home. The device should be powerful enough to supply extra moisture throughout your residential property. Read on to understand more about relative humidity and how a dehumidification unit can make your home more comfortable.

Understanding Relative Humidity

In a more general term, relative humidity is the amount of water versus moisture in the air before it’s saturated. So the amount of water vapor present in your outdoor or indoor air. The moisture level in your home’s air affects your respiratory health, individual comfort, and indoor environment.

Aim for an indoor relative humidity that ranges between 30% and 50%. That is enough to keep you and your family comfortable. It’s also ideal for preventing other problems associated with low humidity and dry air. So it’s beneficial to have a humidification unit installed in your residential property.

If you do, it will be pretty easy to maintain this humidity level throughout the winter season. Here are some of the benefits of installing a humidification system in your home.

1. It Soothes Your Sinuses

Low moisture in your indoor air is the primary cause of dry sinuses. Dry sinus passages can give you a terrible feeling. And it can even lead to nose discomforts, sinus pressure, bloody noses, and even severe headaches.

One of the natural ways to clear out a stuffy nose is humidity. That’s because the moisture in the air helps keep your mucous flowing. Thus, minimizing your chances of having stuffed up sinus passages.

Optimal humidity levels will soothe your sinuses and reduce chances of bloody noses. Plus it can help you clear out any excess mucous to help you breathe more freely.

2. Protects Your Throat

Your vocal cords can become scratchy, dry, and irritated when exposed to air with too little moisture when you are indoors. If the condition persists for a long duration, you might become hoarse and eventually lose your voice.

A humidifier can help maintain acceptable moisture levels in your home. It will help soothe and lubricate your throat. It will also help minimize the dryness that might lead to inflammations in your voice box and windpipe.

3. It Moisturizes Your Lips And Skin

Dry air can lead to a wide range of discomforts to your skin. Let’s say, for example, that the weather is too dry or the humidity levels drop to less than 30%. Your skin will start losing its moisture. As a result, your skin will feel itchy, flaky, tight, and dry.

One of the most vulnerable parts to this moisture loss is the skin on the hands. And that’s because it has lesser oil glands than other parts of the body.

Your lips are also comprised of tender skin. So they usually chap and flake more frequently and easily. This is particularly so when the air is too dry. As a result, your lips might even begin to crack.

Yes. Using chap-stick and hand lotion can help your lips and body regain lost moisture. But installing a humidification unit to add some moisture to your indoor air can help rehydrate your skin. Besides, it will also help alleviate the most common symptoms related to dry skin.

4. Improves Your General Health

If you have flu or cold, a humidification unit can help ease some of these illnesses’ unpleasant symptoms. Some of these symptoms include a dry and painful throat, breathing difficulties, and a stuffed-up nose.

Proper humidification also prevents viruses, sore throats, frizzy hair, dry skin, and other health complications. Keep disease symptoms at bay when you are sick by using a humidifier. It will help you get the needed rest, fight off infections, and speed up your recovery period.

5. It Helps Warm Your House

The drier your home’s air is, the chillier it will be. But if your indoor air is moister, your home will be warmer, keeping you more comfortable.

Try having a humidifier system running during the winter season. This can help keep the temperatures at a more comfortable level without straining your heater. Experts recommend using these two appliances in tandem, especially when the temperatures begin to go down.

6. You Get Better Sleep

Dry air can contribute to and even worsen the condition of your snoring problem. That happens because inadequate moisture in the indoor air causes your nose to congest and your throat to swell.

When that happens, the flow of air through your nose will become restricted. As a result, you will be forced to breathe through the mouth. And that’s what’s making you snore.

Additional humidity all year-round can ease air dryness and reduce your snoring in the long run. Installing a humidification unit in your home will keep your sinuses’ passages healthy. So you can effectively minimize inflammations that lead to snoring complications and other sleeping issues.

7. It Eases Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

A humidification unit can make breathing easier and your home more comfortable. That’s one of the many reasons people with severe allergies and asthma prefer to have humidification systems in their homes. Adding some moisture to your indoor air improves your home’s air quality. And this is essential for people with respiratory complications.

8. Prevents The Spread of Influenza

According to research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, there is a strong relationship between dry air, the transmission of the influenza virus, and survival. That’s because influenza viruses survive better in dry conditions. The researchers also discovered that when the humidity is too low, the virus usually survives longer. And if that’s not enough, it can be transmitted easier among people.

There are benefits to using a humidification unit during the flu season. For one, you’re more likely to create a less favorable environment for the influenza virus to survive. In which case, you are reducing the chances of contracting it.


Moisturizing your indoor air with a humidification unit is not only an effective technique to make your home comfortable. But it also plays a crucial role in alleviating symptoms of various health conditions.

However, it would be best to avoid using your humidifier excessively. High moisture levels can encourage dust mites and mold problems. Contact The Cooling Company today, and we will guide you on the best type of humidifier that will best suit your home.

We install humidifiers in homes and commercial properties to enhance air quality. Our experts also maintain these units for you. This is how we prevent bacteria buildup that can cause infections or sicknesses or even worsen allergy symptoms.

We also offer other services, including commercial HVAC services, residential HVAC services, and AC repairs. Plus, we take care of maintenance & installations, thermostats, air quality solutions, heating maintenance, repairs & installations.

For perfect air and humidity in your Las Vegas or NV home, contact us today. Our team of professionals will help you make an informed choice when purchasing a suitable humidifier. So you can truly enjoy the benefits of investing in a humidification unit.

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