Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner This Summer

There are a few simple AC maintenance tasks that one can perform to get the most out of their air conditioners. However, before attempting to perform any maintenance procedures, first, make sure that the power to the system is securely turned off.

The air conditioner’s evaporator must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. The evaporator is found above the furnace in what is known as the “plenum”. If your air conditioner’s evaporator is accessible, be sure to clean it on an annual basis. Take off the foil at the plenum’s front, remove the screws and lift the plate off. Use a brush to wipe any dirt, dust or other particles off of the underside of the evaporator. Be sure to clean the tray beneath the evaporator unit. If you’re like most people who are uncomfortable with this process, you can get an AC maintenance plan for your unit or for a cooling technician to perform all relevant checks.

You should also clean the condenser unit. This is typically found on the outside of the home. Oftentimes, it will collect debris and dirt that flies through the air. Be sure to mow the grass by the condenser so that air can move in and out of it with ease. Then take a coil cleaner, flush the coil clean and let it dry. Use a soft brush to clean the condenser’s fins. Also, take a look at the concrete padding that the condenser sits on to ensure that it is level.

Most air conditioners use a coolant known as R-22. If there is a lack of refrigerant, your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home or business. If you think there is an issue with the refrigerant, contact a technician to recharge your air conditioner. You can replace the worn insulation of coolant lines by yourself by following the manufacturer’s instructions if you desire.

At the start of the summer and at least once every month to three months, you should either replace or clean the filter. Anyone who lives in an area with high winds or dust and sand should clean and replace the filters with a higher frequency. The majority of room air conditioners have a spongy and rubbery filter than can be washed or replaced inexpensively.

Next, you’ll have to clean the air conditioner’s fan; you’ll have to inspect its blades to see if they are loose or dirty. You may have to do some cleaning and tightening. Start by opening the cabinet and finding the fan. Clean out any dirt and particles with a soft cloth. See if the fan blade on the motor shaft is loose. Tighten its screw set with an Allen wrench or a screwdriver. If the fan has oil ports, put drops of 20-weight nondetergent motor oil into each of the ports at the beginning of the summer to guarantee optimal performance.

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