October 10, 2013

Air conditioners are great. They helped make certain locations livable and even desirable. By many accounts, the creation of air conditioners drastically changed economies. However comfortable they make life, they are still machines that can and will break at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, even though the air conditioner is a wonderful machine, it is vulnerable to a myriad of problems. Air conditioners can often run, but they might not always cool the environment they are affecting. Such a problem relegates them to what essentially becomes an expensive fan.

Another common issue can arise in that the condenser or compressor does not work. Neither problem is uncommon but renders the air conditioning unit somewhat useless.

Air conditioners sometimes mysteriously turn on and off. While the a/c unit may work fine while it is working, it’s also very annoying. This problem can be caused by a number of things including bad wiring or any other internal problem. Or plan and simple, the air conditioner could just be old and outdated. As machinery ages, it becomes more faulty. Though it’s not highly recommended, even old units can be fixed or have parts replaced in order to get that last little bit of life out of it. Ironic as it may be, some people even prefer to keep the older unit, as they believe that it runs better than newer modern air conditioning units. Most professionals would disagree!

Although more an inconvenience than a problem, often the air conditioner is too small. If the air conditioner is too small and lacks adequate power, the unit may not properly cool off the area. These problems can range from annoying to urgently needing repair and or replacement.

For the ideal fix to these problems and many others, contact The Cooling Company to help you assess and determine the best solution for your situation. Not only can this leader in the Las Vegas air conditioning market fix air conditioners, they can also install new units as well as fix or install heating units. The Cooling Company is BBB accredited and is the recipient of the 2013 Home Advisor award. An honor we are truly proud of!

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