Causes of a Noisy Air Conditioner

Many people are familiar with the annoyances of a loud air conditioner. Although it’s absolutely necessary to keep it on, the irritating and loud whirring gets on everyone’s nerves. If you have noticed that your air conditioning system is operating louder than usual, it may be from a number of causes. Luckily, [company_name] can assist you with whatever problem it may be!

Most loud noises from the air conditioning system is caused by a problem with the different motors. [company_name] is familiar with all issues that could occur with the motors.

The most common motor issues include problems with the compressor motor. The compressor motor is an essential part of the air conditioner but unfortunately, it usually is the motor that causes a clattering noise when it needs a repair. [company_name] is equipped to handle all repair issues and will have your compressor motor sounding the way it used to.

Another motor problem could be an issue with the fan motor. Both of the inside and outside units of the air conditioner system has a fan motor. That means that both of these fan motors can emit a rough grinding sound. This most likely means that either the bearings are in poor condition or the motor may need to be freshly lubricated. [company_name] has extensive experience with this and can fix it no time.

Aside from the motors, the air conditioner could be making loud noises because of debris that got caught in the fan blades. If particularly large pieces get stuck, it’s important to turn off the fan immediately as the foreign object can bend the fan blades. Once it’s off, call [company_name] to safely remove it.

Another common issue is that screws that may have come loose from the constant vibrating of the air conditioning unit. The screws in panels can easily become loose and cause the rattling noise many of us are familiar with. Although it is easy enough to fix with a screwdriver, it is sometimes difficult to locate the loose screw and determine where it should go.

In addition, clogged coil fins blocked with dirt may also cause excessive noise. If it is from blockage, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can remove the debris. However, if a humming noise is caused by a bent coil fin, the coil fin will need to be straightened with a fin comb. [company_name] can ensure that this is done properly to prevent further damage.

Finally, the fan cage that contains the fan and protects you from the fan blades can also need repair from repeated abrasions from the blades. Because the fan cage prevents injury and damage to you, it is important to get this fixed as soon as possible. [company_name] is concerned about your safety and would gladly assist you.

From maintenance to repairs, [company_name] provides the most reliable service with the short response time. The 24/7 Emergency Repair services guarantee you cool air in the summer no matter what happens with your air conditioner. No other company is more concerned with your comfort and safety.

There’s no need to endure a noisy air conditioner or bother yourself with trying to fix it yourself. If you’re experiencing a loud air conditioner or noticed that it isn’t working as well, as usual, be sure to call [company_name] today.